How To Check Apple iPhone Warranty For Free

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Many users like to know when will buy Apple device for the warranty is still active or not. The best way is to use iPhone warranty check service for free. The latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are at last available and many mobile operators as well as many online services start to offer pretty good deals on them as well. Even though these deals may be quite tempting to accept, still according to users who have already tried them there is the issue of whether these devices are being sold in legit manner with a warranty.

iPhone warranty check

You should keep notice on several things and the first one is to always double check that the seller offers a return policy. In addition to this, you should also check iPhone warranty offers the correct device model, whether it says that the iPhone is new and whether if the device has manufacturer warranty or dealer warranty (you need manufacturer warranty). With manufacturer warranty, in case of a problem you can safely return the iPhone you have purchased back to Apple without a problem. To use this service is need to find IMEI number in your device, then to go on official apple page and to add in the form. All steps will explain bellow in this guide to check apple warranty.

Apple iPhone Warranty Check

In order to see whether your iPhone is under warranty, first you need to check the serial number of your device. The Serial code can be found on the box of the iPhone. If you don’t have the original packing in hands, you can alternatively find out whether your device has warranty by following these instructions:

  • Go on official Apple iPhone Warranty Check page.
  • Turn on your iPhone
  • Navigate to Settings General About and scroll down and see the Serial Number and copy it
  • Visit Apple’s official website and in the text box, enter the Serial Number you have just copied and press Continue

check Apple warranty

After this, the warranty status of your device will immediately show up in addition with the eligibility for the extended coverage. You will be shown some important details in three categories like Telephone Technical Support, Purchase Date as well as Repairs and Service Coverage. If the iPhone you have just bought, there will be a green tick mark in all 3 categories. If the three are not marked, then the warranty of your iPhone is either expired or non-valid and it is recommended that you immediately return the phone or keep it at your own risk.

If you like to find on what carrier is a locked your iPhone, in this situations will help you our iPhone IMEI checker for free. In case the device you have bought it is not new, you should see that the “Repairs and Service Coverage” category is marked. This means that Apple will accept your request for service and repairs on the device. On the official apple page any time unlimited is possible to check Apple warranty for any device models for free. If you have questions please contact us or write in comment section bellow.

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