How To Get Gift Music TV Show Or Movie From iTunes Store

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With the upcoming holiday season our thoughts are simply preoccupied on how to surprise our closest ones with some beautiful presents. Of course currently it is a trend to send gift apps from the App Store and many people are already enjoying surprising their beloved ones using this method. But now in this article I will go one step forward. I was wondering, why only send apps or gift cards? Why not send music Album, a movie or a TV Show?

Gift Movie from iTunes

You can purchase a Gift Card in almost any Apple retail store or you can simply send them thru email. However there is a small problem with this method. By sending a gift card to a friend that basically means that you are not really sure what the person likes and you are telling him to get whatever suits him the best from iTunes. Still, today we will go with a different approach and we will explain how to gift someone with a music album, a movie or a TV show from iTunes.

Give iTunes Music Album, TV Show or Movie as a present

Today it is easy to send iTunes gifts. You can use either your mobile phone or your computer. Just follow the steps to give an iTunes Present:

  • Launch iTunes and choose your gift
  • Select an app, video, song, e-book etc… Remember that you will be unable to send a free item as a gift
  • Press on the item you have chosen to view it
  • Right besides the price of the item there is a drop-down. Press on it and select the to-Gift option of this item
  • Write down your personal message to the recipient , your name and an optional message
  • Specify (optional) the date you wish to send the gift
  • Choose an email theme
  • Confirm the item and buy it. You will be prompted to enter your iTunes password

These are the steps if you are ordering via a computer. So if you are using an iPhone or iPad the steps are a bit different. Basically everything is the same expect the method of choosing a gift item. If like to order directly from apple store is need to pay the regular price for iTunes gift card, but we here have the best Free iTunes Codes where is possible to generate by software. Go on this page to download this generator tool and get unlimited gift codes.

Then begin by selecting your item, tap on the iOS share Icon which is at the top of the screen. Select the option of Gift and proceed. The recipient will be sent a gift via email and the redeem button will sent the user to the download page. And that’s it. You just sent a gift.

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