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Android Lollipop Download And Update For All Version

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We will talk in this guide for Android Lollipop Download any version and full tutorial how to Update step by step. Up till this moment, Android was probably the most anticipated version of the Android OS. There were many rumors about how this version would be called.

And just days before its release Google has announced that this version will be commonly known as the “Android 5.0 Lollipop”. The new and updated version of Android will bring along many new changes and features as well. It will give the users a new point of view when using their Android devices.

Information For The New Android Lollipop Download Update

It was also discovered that the Nexus 9 and the 2013 Nexus 7 are already using the Android latest Lollipop. It is not uncommon for Google to run an initial software version on its devices before releasing them for the sole purpose of effectively testing them.

But upon hearing these rumors it is not unrealistic to think that the release date of the Android Lollipop is drawing near. Still, exact data have not been confirmed yet because you never know what Google is planning. So far they have never shared their plans or details regarding an Android update. So we can only continue to speculate whether the update will occur tomorrow or after 1 month. Perhaps it is better this way because Google releases news updates only when they confirm that the Update is ready and will function well.

To make Update needs to download Android lollipop latest version, or if like to back on old is some process, we here have all versions.

So as soon as we receive any data on the potential release date we will be sure to make the update.

Latest Version

To Download Android Lollipop will bring to Android users a new and better Android experience but still, unfortunately, it did not manage to fix the unpopular memory leak bug.

You can download the Android Lollipop via a System Image. Basically, with this image download, you will get everything that it is necessary to make an over the air update for regular Android updates. So remember updating in this way will result in erasing of your user data.

Android Lollipop Update

But if you are impatient and you do not want to wait until the official update arrives in the following months then you can get this test update by following our instructions below. I want to imply that it is probably better to wait if you are a normal average user but if you want to take on the challenge then just follow my guide. I will demonstrate how to make an installation of the newest Nexus Android Lollipop. The update process is possible from Mac, Linux, Windows or ChromeOS.

How To Install The Android Lollipop

To make the installation of the newest Android Lollipop you will need to make a download of the System Images. So far it is possible to make the update to only a few Nexus devices. They are the following:

If not, then first unlock it. The installation will then delete all the settings, images and user data.

Flash the Android Lollipop Image File

Once you did the previous step, open the folder which has the unzipped Android 5.1.1 System Image. In the address bar type Cmd and then type flash-all.bat. This command will flash all of the needed files. Once the flashing starts your Nexus device may reboot and you may notice an Android figure and moving the Android logo this process may take up to ten minutes. Do not unplug out your device at this time. When the process finishes you can enter your Android credentials and start using the Android 5.1.1. and try out new apps and features.

We have and other options on how to make this process very easy and fast with our best software tool for the Android Lollipop update.


We have the best Android Lollipop Updater Tool in the world here. This software will make all for you, will Download the Android Lollipop version and will update in one click. We step by step will explain what is need to do bellow:

  • 1: Unzip the folder on your PC. This is support for Mac and Windows, not for Linux.
  • 2: Connect your Android Phone by USB cable on your PC.
  • 3: When will Download click on Update Button, and this process auto will Update on your Phone and will rooting.
  • 4: Your Android Phone will reboot and you will have the Lollipop version you’re liked.

This finally steps to complete the Android Lollipop Download process and to update auto in five-step. This service here works for all Android Cell Phone models. With this tool not will have any problems, and it not is possible to happen any mistake. This software will make all need you. If you have any questions please write in comment bellow we are here any time to replay to you. For the latest news please follow our site on our social networks.