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Download Videos From YouTube For Free Using Special Tool

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We today this guide will talk about how to download videos from YouTube for freeway from your PC web browser, Android, windows phone or iPhone iOS devices. The popularity of watching videos online is constantly increasing mostly because there is a lot of new free content available on YouTube.

In addition to this, you can also watch this content even when you do not have internet access; all you need to do is to download the videos to your devices. Due to this, the need for proper and functioning apps for tablets/computers/Smartphones is in increasing demand but luckily there are several amazing options available to download video from YouTube.

Remember that the Terms and Services of YouTube clearly say that “You will not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link shown on YouTube on the service for that content.” If you notice a download video YouTube button you can legally download videos from YouTube without having to use a third-party app.

Download Videos From Youtube

How To Download Videos From YouTube

However, in the terms it is also stated that it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, to electronically transmit, broadcast, sell, license, make available online, adapt, distribute, publish any Content for any purpose or reason without previously having written consent from YouTube or the respective licensors of the content. This means that if there is no download button in the video, you have to get consent before you download videos from YouTube.

There are several methods to download YouTube videos on different platforms. The list which I have compiled is not thorough, but only with the ones I thought are the best. Below you can find my favorite ways to download YouTube videos on every platform.

Before we start I want to let you know that all of these methods have one thing in common you need to choose the quality and the format of the video you wish to download. If you want to download content which will be able to play on most devices then you should go with the 3GP options-144p may be smaller and could have artifacts, while the 720p MP4 is not recommended for a small phone. 360p MP4 will do fine on mobile screens and will not consume much of your data plan too.

Download Videos from YouTube on Web

One of the wastes ways to download video from YouTube from the Web is to use Keepvid. With Keepvid all you need is the URL (address of the web page which shown in the bar where you type the site’s name) to download videos.

If you wish to use Keepvid follow these tips:

  • Play the video you want to download from YouTube. Now click on the address bar, select the full address and copy it.
  • Go to Keepvid’s webpage
  • On the site, there is a form in which you can enter the link of the video you want to download. Now just paste the URL which you have previously copied and then press the Download button on right. You will be shown a list of links with which you can choose in which format and size you want to download video from YouTube file.
  • Once you have selected the format and the size of the file, right-click on it and save the file. Choose the Save link as… and you will be asked about where you wish to save the file on your PC.

Download YouTube Videos Browser Extension

If you do not want to copy-paste the video details every time, you can get browser extensions. One of the best browser extensions is which is compatible with Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers. Before you can use it you must first install the extension.

Once you have installed the extension, a button will appear in the top right corner of your web browser.

To download YouTube videos in this way follow these instructions:

  • Visit the video site and click on the extension button.
  • When you have decided on which format you want to download, just right-click on it and press Save Link as… and the file will start downloading.

Note that you cannot use on internet explorer. However, you can use FastestTube which is also amazing. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the FastestTube extension from its official website.
  • Play the YouTube video you wish to download.
  • You will be shown a download button in the video.
  • Press the Download Button from the drop-down menu and select the format in which you wish your video to be downloaded.

Download Video from YouTube on Windows/ OS X

If you are unable or you do not want to use browser extension/website but a program on your PC, then you can always use YouTube Downloader (YTD).

  • Visit the YTD video converter page
  • Press on the Free Download button
  • On your system, YouTube downloader will be downloaded
  • Install YTD Video downloader
  • After the download is finished, play the YouTube video you wish to download and copy the URL
  • Start YTD and paste the URL in the address bar
  • There is an option to select the quality of the video by clicking the Download quality dropdown and choosing one of the quality options
  • Once you have decided to press the Download button which is at the bottom right
  • You can stop/pause the download videos from YouTube by clicking on it and pressing the pause/stop button

Download on Windows Phone

A lot of apps for download videos from YouTube are available in the Windows Store. Some of them are free while some of them are paid. One of the best apps in the Windows Store for downloading YouTube videos is Tube Pro. It is really easy to use- you just need to search and download the video.

If you wish to download videos with Tube Pro first download the app. In addition to this, also there is a Top Rated menu which comprises the most popular movie, music, and sports videos. This for me is the best YouTube Unblocker solution in the world and worked very nice. If download and use this app you will download any videos for free on your device any time.

To download with Tube Pro follow these tips:

  • Press the Search icon on the bottom and type the name of the video you wish to download. If you wish to search for videos in HD quality only you can mark the HD checkbox which is right next to the search bar
  • Select the video you want to download from the search results, select the quality level from the Low Quality (LQ), High Quality (HQ) and High Definition ( HD) boxes and tap on the Download button
  • Once the video is downloaded, you can even play it from the app itself by going to the My downloads section

Download Videos from YouTube on Android

So one of the best Android apps for YouTube video downloads is TubeMate. However, you cannot find this app on Google Play and it is required to install the Amazon Appstore for Android. The app is free of charge.

How to Appstore for Android:

  • So go to Settings Applications and find the Unknown Sources option. If it is not there (depends on the model of the device) go to Settings Mark the Unknown Sources box and press OK to confirm
  • Now go to the Appstore link and download the APK file
  • Find the AMazonAPps.release.apk in the file explorer and run it to install it. Once the installation is complete launch the app.
  • So now find TubeMate and install it
  • Then after you have installed the app you can tap on the search icon and enter the name of the video you want to download
  • Just tap the download icon which looks like a green-colored arrow in the top right corner to download the YouTube video
  • It is possible to download several YouTube videos at once and you can also play only the audio from the video
  • Tap on the download icon which is on the bottom to download the YouTube video on your Android device
  • You can also check the download status of the video by pressing the semi-circle icon
  • If you pause the download at some point, the TubeMate app will allow you to resume the download from the point you have stopped it

Download on iPhone

So iPhone users can download YouTube videos with the help of Video Download & player app

Follow these instructions also:

  • From the App store Get the Video Download & Player app
  • Then install and start the App. Now click on the search bar
  • To enter the name of the video you want to download
  • Select the video and press on Cache Video to Memory. The video will begin downloading
  • The download files can be checked in the Videos section at the bottom
  • You can watch the videos offline thanks to this app

Dear readers on UnlockPhoneTool Blog. We hope to help you with this tutorial to find a way how to download videos. From YouTube for free apps on your device. Our teamwork any time to present on our readers the best information. Guides to find the answer on any issue in the tech category. So for the latest news please follow our blog. Follow on our social networks. You have any questions how to download video from YouTube? Finally, lease contact us or write in the comment section below, we will replay to you.

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