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Free iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator For Direct Download

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Here you will get free iTunes voucher codes for your iTunes account thanks to our latest innovation free iTunes voucher codes calculator available for free downloading bellow. This article is not a trick or spam or some way to lure you in a shady deal.

It is simply an explanation of how to redeem a gift card containing codes with which you can buy anything available in the Apple store, the iTunes store or even the book store. All apps, features, products of any kind that are authorized by the Apple inc can be purchased and paid for using the codes from the gift cards.

Free iTunes Voucher Codes

You have any device from the magnificent Apple catalog then you know you are lost without the iTunes and the Apple store. Your device will simply be half as amazing as it should be without the hundreds of apps available on iTunes. Furthermore, iTunes and the Apple store don’t offer you just application tools and ringtones.

The library is enormous and you can find anything you need here. You can buy or rent a movie, you can purchase comic books, reference books, guide books, apps for learning foreign languages, have the latest movies and the episodes from your favorite TV show fresh out of the oven. You can have any information you want before anyone else does. All these apps are just too tempting to be cast aside.

Besides why else do you have an iPhone if you will not use its full potential? On the downside, these apps and all the goodies in the Apple store and the iTunes store are not for free. If you are an Android user you can find a free variation of the same app, but for Apple users’ things are a little bit different because everything has to be of the highest quality, starting from the iDevice to the apps you have installed on it. If you are an app junky you might be even spending a few hundred dollars a month in the iTunes store. But if you are clever enough and you finish reading this article you will find a way how to save yourself those hundreds of bucks spent on the iTunes store.

iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator

The tool that will change your ways of functioning is known as iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator. Form its title it is clear that the thing that this tool does is generating codes for the iTunes gift cards. If you have ever used an iTunes gift card you know that on every gift card there is a code which you enter it on the field provided if you buy your product online, or let the cashier register it so that you can pay for your purchase with that code, or at least cover some of the cost for the product you want to buy.

The same goes for here. You use the gift card as if it is a genuine gift card. And for your relief, I must tell you that the gift cards we offer to you for free are original iTunes gift cards. How do they pay for them? The thing is that the pages containing Apple products or even gift cards for the app devices are visited more than any other page.


There are many million Apple users ad they are constantly looking for a way to make the iDevice function even better. The other way of collecting money is where you are in charge. You do not pay for the iTunes gift card in cash but you do this by a simple gesture.

This tiny favor of yours consists of answering a short survey which will not take you more than three minutes. With every answered survey the budget of the free iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator tool grows and that is how we can give you what you crave the most- gifts from the iTunes and the Apple stores.

More About The Way The iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator Tool Functions

So, with the funds of your answered surveys and the money of the advertisers and sponsors we manage to buy original iTunes gift cards. So far we have around 100 gift cards available for you to claim every day. We hope that as time goes by, more and more users will start visiting the page of the free iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator and download the tool, and with that, the fond of gift cards will grow in number too. The gift cards have three standard values: the lowest is 10 $, the medium value is 15 $ and the gift card with the highest value is of 50 $.

On the contrary, you can claim your 10 or 15 $ gift card and come back later or the same day for another shoot. This way you can easily earn more than 100 $, using the gift card values, in only a couple of days. With that money, you have plenty to choose from the megastore of iTunes and Apple.

iTunes Information

Even if you don’t manage to spend all the money from the gift card doesn’t mean that you will lose them. They will stay on your iTunes account until you decide to combine them with other vouchers or gift cards for another purchase.

Another great thing that the developers thought about is the parental allowance feature. This means that you can set aside a monthly or weekly allowance in gift cards to your children and they can decide how and when they will use the money from the gift cards you decided to share with them. You can be even an amazing friend and sent your closest friends and relatives a free iTunes gift card now and then. There is no way that you will find something to complain about. It is not a waste of time and it is certainly not a waste of money.

How To Get Free iTunes Voucher Codes

You can download the free app tool for free iTunes gift cards from this same page below. The second option is better according to me because the strength of the internet signal doesn’t have a major role here and, you can install the tool on any device that you own and have unlimited access to the iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator tool wherever you are.

More About Free iTunes Voucher Codes

As I said above the iTunes gift cards that we offer via our tool are in limited number still. That means that you need to be quite quick to redeem your gift card. Before someone else snitches it from in front of your nose. You open the tool. No matter if you do this from the official web page. The app installed on your device. You will see all the 100 gift cards standing before you.

On each of the gift cards, you will notice the value of 10, 15 or 50 $. In the left corner with tiny letters you will notice that says available, or unavailable. If the card you wanted to redeem is unavailable, that means that someone else did it before you.

The iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator tool is clearly for all Apple users and Apple users only. However, that doesn’t mean that you can use the tool only from Apple devices. You can use the tool from all sorts of computers and with all sorts of operative systems. This doesn’t bug the iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator to give you the iTunes gift card you badly want to have. That’s why I don’t take these errors seriously. As they do not affect the functionality of the iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator.

Guide How To Use The iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator Step By Step

If you decided to go with the tool instead of the online service, I congratulate you on your wise choice. Below you will find the full instructions to your gift card:

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. The downloaded iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator file is not yet installed. So you will have to click on the file to open and to start the installation process.
  3. Check the strength of your internet signal. If it is weak you still have time to transfer to a WI-FI connection with better coverage.
  4. Check the iTunes app installed on your iDevice. Open the Apple store and confirm that you have the latest version running on your device. If not, this is the exact time when you must update it.
  5. Check if it is you who is logged on iTunes. If the details are someone else’s. You will claim the gift card but you will not be able to use it. That other someone will be in for a nice surprise when they will open the iTunes.

Start Coding

  1. Now, open the iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator software and have a good look at the free iTunes gift cards. Click on any available gift card. If you want to redeem it click on the button “redeem:
  2. Open any online store that contains Apple products: iTunes store, Apple store, book store and pick something.
  3. Click on the product and put it in the shopping basket. If that is the only thing you will be buying click to PAY your purchase.
  4. You will see a few payment options and you will select the Gift card option.
  5. You will be asked to enter a code to verify your gift card. Luckily for you. Your gift card is legitimate. The code from it will cover all. Most, or some part of the cost of the item or app you want to purchase.
  6. You will see a confirmation note on the screen on your device that your purchase has been successful.

Start iTunes Coding

Using gift cards for Apple products is the most attractive thing available now on the internet. Share this news with all your acquaintances and close ones. You will be over the moon. With joy to have found this free iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator tool. So why not share it with everyone you know.

The tool is easy to use and navigate; the updates are available every few weeks with even better features and opportunities for all the Apple users. The iTunes Voucher Codes Calculator tool is also extremely safe. If you ever feared to use it because of safety issues you can rest assured that those were only rumors.