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How To Unlock Blackberry Bold Free By Tool With IMEI Number Serial

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Even though the price of unlock Blackberry Bold mobile devices has always been higher than the price of another mobile phone the interests in the Blackberry Bold devices never seized. People are ready to pay any amount of money just to have a Blackberry Bold in their hands. Others go for the cheaper variant like buying a Blackberry Bold second- hand or buying a Blackberry Bold on a mobile phone deal.

No matter how you got your Blackberry device sometimes there arises the need to switch network providers, to switch SIM cards and to switch carriers. These three things are essentially the same and that is why we have the perfect one solution for them.

And at the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want to unlock your Blackberry Bold, for free in a few easy steps, and open the vast sea of opportunities that every one mobile phone device has, let alone the Blackberry Bold?

Today’s article would be all about unlocking Blackberry Bold. So, if you have any model of Blackberry Bold this article would be very informative for you as well as for the users of other Blackberry Bold models because the unlocking procedure is almost identical for all models of the Blackberry Bold mobile devices.

How To Unlock Blackberry Bold For Free

Before I share with you the unlocking Blackberry Bold instructions I would like to make a few points why it is an amazing idea to unlock your Blackberry Bold. There are many, many reasons but I will highlight only the most obvious:

  • 1- if your Blackberry Bold is unlocked you can use any sim card by any network provider from all corners on the planet Earth. This means that you can easily stay in touch with family friends and co-workers and since you will be using the foreign SIM card your phone calls would be much cheaper than the roaming service will cost you.
  • 2-This means that you can switch as many SIM cards you wish to organize your mobile phone budget. This may seem funny at first but people have managed to save a few hundred USD or even more a year, just by tracking which carrier’s program for the month is most suitable for them.
  • 3- when you unlock your Blackberry Bold you can easily sell it if your device to go for an upgrade.

Unlocked mobile phone devices have always much higher prices than the locked ones (for obvious reasons). You can earn a handsome amount of money if you unlock and then sell your Blackberry Bold.

Code Generator

People who already used the Unlock Blackberry Bold Code Generator Tool knew these things and that’s why they did it a long time ago. They will never want to switch to locked Blackberry Bold ever again and nor will you after you try this wonderful tool.

If you are the first owner of the Blackberry Bold then you could get lucky and have your Blackberry Bold unlocked by the carrier itself. You can call the service line or visit their local store and inquire about the lock on your Blackberry Bold.

Your contract could be finished or there can be other options for direct unlock. If you bought your phone second hand then you can repeat the same procedure. Only know where the Blackberry Bold was purchased from. All in all the best way to unlock your Blackberry Bold is to use our Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool which will guarantee you certain unlock within the next ten minutes. The carrier may want to postpone the deed and you could be dragging with the lock on for weeks (and that’s only if you are in the lucky few whose Blackberry Bold can be unlocked by the carrier).

Unlock Blackberry Bold Procedure

There’re is not a special lock that makes them unlocked. It is a trait that the network providers use to make sure you will use their services, and pay a lot more than you should, until the end of the contract, which in most cases is 24 months and sometimes half that time.

So, your hands are completely untied. Nothing is stopping you to go for it and permanently unlock your Blackberry Bold with our easy-to-use Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool. There are other options for Blackberry Bold unlocking like the jailbreaking method. This method has helped many, but at the same time has disappointed a lot of users as well. The jail-break method can be considered as a gambling method sometimes you win sometimes you lose. If you win than good for you but if you lose you lose it all you will never be able to use your Blackberry Bold again, not even on the SIM card it previously worked.

The stakes are very high with this method and the results are not very promising. With the Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool, the outcome is always positive. The procedure will never harm your computer nor will your Blackberry Bold. The lock never returns on your device. The greatest thing about the revolutionary Blackberry Bold unlock method is truly permanent.

What To Do

Blackberry Inc has a smart policy to update the feature on their devices more than necessary. Once an update is performed the lock will pop back on. The unlock with Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool is factory unlock. Directly from your cell phone’s carrier database. That’s why you needn’t worry about any updated or inconveniences.

Before you switch the network services of the current provider to those of a different provider. I.e. change SIM cards you should throw a glimpse at your SIM card slot. Some carriers give out regular SIM cards, other micro and third nano.

Respectively to the size of the SIM card, there are SIM card slots designed for those SIM cards. Some mobile phones can have a SIM slot for a regular and a micro SIM; others may have a slot for one type of SIM. Whatever the case check this before you unlock your phone. You don’t have the right sized SIM card for your Blackberry Bold. Also, when you stop using the services from your current network. Start with the services of a different network you can keep your old mobile number.

Guide Step By Step

You don’t want to go over that exhausting process of updating everyone with your new mobile number, do you? That’s why the best option for you is to keep your old number if obtaining a new one is not a problem at all. This will take you no more than a day so you won’t even notice when it is done.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the benefits, the advantages and the opportunities that you can have with your unlocked Blackberry Bold here are the long-promised unlocking instructions:

Find your Blackberry Bold’s IMEI number. There are several ways to do this:

  • Dial *#60# and wait for a few moments. On your Blackberry Bold’s screen will flash the IMEI you were looking for.
  • Open “settings”-> “general”-> “about” and scroll down until you see the IMEI.

How To Use It

There is no way that you can miss the IMEI, it is the longest code about your Blackberry Bold. Most of the time the IMEI consists of 15 digits, but it is never less than 14. When you find your IMEI be careful when writing it down or saving it. If the IMEI is inaccurate then the whole unlocking process may go sour. You can find this tool very easy by search on

  1. When you have the IMEI download and install our free Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool and then open it.
  2. When you open the tool insert the IMEI, your e-mail address and the carrier of your Blackberry Bold. The tool will start to work its magic and will all that little info it has it will contact the servers and the database of the carrier and will enter there.
  3. Using your IMEI number the Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool will recognize your Blackberry Bold amongst all the others and will remove the lock in a matter of seconds.
  4. You can try the other SIM card and see for yourself. The unlocking Blackberry Bold works with this tool. The process can never be any easier. It is earlier than typing a text and yet the results are amazing. The best reliable tool for Blackberry Bolds unlocking is You can check our website and learn all about the unlocking operations on any cell phone device.


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Main Unlocking

Unlocking Blackberry Bold devices were never easier and never more simple than today. Now, you can take your work with you anywhere you travel with your unlocked Blackberry Bold device.

You can unlock the limitless world of possibilities that the unlocked Blackberry Bold has to offer. We can unlock all your Blackberry devices you have at your home and you want to be unlocked. Unlocking your Blackberry device is not just a challenge but also a privilege for us.

Save your money and remove the lock on your Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Bold, and Blackberry Bold forever. You can perform as many unlock as you want. Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool on all your friends’ Blackberry Bolds if you like. The service will always be free. Don’t waste precious time! Get the Unlock Blackberry Bold Tool today and unlock your Blackberry Bold all by yourself!