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How To Unlock Frozen Mouse On HP Laptop

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Probably every HP laptop user is wondering how to unlock frozen mouse on HP laptop? When the mouse on your HP laptop won’t move, it could be because of a frozen touchpad, a frozen application, a driver problem, a hardware issue, or a locked computer. To unfreeze a frozen mouse on an HP laptop, check each of those options and try different repairs until it moves again.

Unlock Frozen Mouse On HP Laptop

The mouse pointer remains immobile when you slide your finger around the touchpad on an HP laptop, for example.

  • The screen appears to freeze, and the cursor refuses to move, or you can’t find it.
  • When you click on objects like buttons and links, nothing happens.

Frozen Mouse on an HP Laptop – What Causes It

When the mouse on an HP laptop freezes, the most likely cause is a faulty touchpad driver or hardware. However, there are numerous more possible suspects. A frozen software or one that uses more resources than your laptop can handle can cause the mouse to stop working properly. Because the touchpad could be locked, merely unlocking it will solve the problem.

How To Restart An HP Laptop With A Frozen Mouse

To get your HP laptop’s mouse to work again, perform the following troubleshooting procedures in order:

Check to see if the touchpad is turned off. You can disable the touchpad on some HP laptops quickly, which is beneficial if you’re using a mouse and continuously touching the touchpad with your hands. Try double-tapping the upper left corner of the touchpad to disable or enable it. Your touchpad will start operating again if your HP laptop supports this feature.

HP Mouse

Restart your computer if necessary. While a frozen computer isn’t the most prevalent cause of a mouse that won’t operate on an HP laptop, it is one of the most straightforward solutions. You can restart your computer with your keyboard if your mouse is frozen:

Steps To Unlock Frozen Mouse On HP Laptop

  • Hold down CTRL + ALT + DEL.
  • Keep pressing TAB until the power icon appears.
  • Enter the code.
  • Examine the touchpad’s options. The pointer will appear frozen or nonfunctional if your touchpad is deactivated in Windows settings and you don’t have an external mouse connected. Check the settings and, if necessary, enable the touchpad.
  • Press Windows + I on your keyboard.
  • Select Devices with the tab and arrow keys, then hit enter.
  • Choose Touchpad.
  • Ensure that the Touchpad toggle is turned on.
  • Check for driver updates using HP Assistant. The HP Support Assistant comes with several tools and wizards to assist you in resolving various issues. Start this helper and use it to look for driver updates.
  • Launch the HP Support Assistant application.
  • From the sidebar, choose Fixes & Diagnostics.
  • Choose Software and Drivers.
  • Allow the program to check for updates and, if any, install them.
  • Check your hardware with the HP Assistant. HP Support Assistant can also detect a wide range of hardware issues. If your touchpad breaks, the tool may be able to diagnose the issue and connect you with HP help.
  • Launch the HP Support Assistant application.
  • From the sidebar, choose Fixes & Diagnostics.
  • Select Launch from the Run hardware diagnostics section.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to find and resolve any hardware problems.
  • Install the latest Windows drivers. You can manually update your drivers if the HP Support Assistant was unable to do so. If Windows Update is unable to discover the driver, you may need to locate it yourself.
  • Check that the touchpad is enabled in Device Manager. Look for Mouse and other pointing devices in the Device Manager. If you notice an exclamation mark next to a device, it means it’s been disabled, there’s a conflict, or there’s a driver problem.
How To Unlock Frozen Mouse On A HP Laptop

Final Words

In safe mode, try to fix the touchpad. Start in safe mode and make your repairs there. If you were unable to update drivers previously, reboot into safe mode and try again. If it doesn’t work, try deleting any recently installed programs while still in safe mode. There could be a conflict if you installed something right before your mouse stopped working.

Finally, now you know how to unlock the frozen mouse on an HP laptop. It’s easy, right?

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