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How To Unlock GSM Phones For Free With IMEI Combination

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On this page, you can learn all about how to unlock GSM phones for free or whit some payment methods. Here you can find all the information and instructions about unlocking GSM phones. If you have this problem please stay on our page to find the best way how to unlock your GSM phone. Here you can solve the sim network unlocking problem very fast and easy.

Removing the SIM card lock is never a simple process no matter what unlock GSM phone services advertize. It involves complex software programs and careful data input, patience, and knowledge. However, you don’t need to stress out if you do not have all that required knowledge and qualifications to dismiss the SIM card restrictions on your GSM phone. There are many experts out there who can help you achieve this goal and there are also plenty of service providers who will be happy to help you whenever you decide that you need help with the SIM card unlocking GSM phone issue.



You need to be very careful when you choose who to trust. Every service is not trusted worthy and every expert is not an expert. Are you have any doubt whatsoever it is better to postpone your decision and wait some more until you have gathered enough information about the SIM card unlocking GSM phone service.

The unlocking service providers use unlocking tools that work on different methods and the good thing is that you can find these unlocking GSM phone tools on the internet and you can try them out on your own. If you fear that you don’t have the needed experience and knowledge you can try contacting the carrier’s support line and ask how they can help you when it comes to the SIM card lock. All in all, you have three SIM card unlocking GSM phone options and those are: to contact the carrier, to try the mobile phone services and the online software tools.


If you immediately dismiss the last two then you are left with the safest option from many points of view. The carrier is the one who is responsible for the SIM card lock and the network restrictions on your phone so the carrier will know best how to remove these limitations. They have the unlock GSM phone code for your device in their database, so removing the SIM card lock will be only seconds away. The question here really is: will the carrier be willing to remove the SIM card lock off your GSM phone device?

In most cases, no network provider or the carrier will be happy to see their clients going away from them and becoming someone else’s clients. That is why you shouldn’t expect this procedure to be easy.

If you have a long way to go before the months stated in the contract are over then you can make a deal for buying out the unlocking GSM phone service. This is normally not very cheap as in all instances users also had to pay for the remaining months of the contract as well as the unlocking GSM phone service.


Unlocking Guides

The second option will be to contact the GSM phone services who work in mobile phone shops. These can unlock certain models of cell phone devices if not all. They use some software and hardware tools and most of the time they succeed in removing the locks placed on the GSM phone devices. The thing about these services is that they make the SIM card unlocking seem bad and illegal and that is why they are prone to charge a lot for this service and to have an alibi if something goes wrong with the unlocking GSM phone process.

The third option includes paid SIM card unlock GSM phone solution and free SIM card unlock GSM phone solution.

The paid SIM card unlock a solution is the software which you need to buy. To be able to download it in your computer. You don’t need to have some extra strong computer devices to use the paid unlocking GSM phone tool and install it on all computers regardless of their configuration.

To successfully use the paid unlock tool you need to find the IMEI code of your mobile phone device. The IMEI code is made of 15 random digits and it is the code that verifies the mobile phone’s identity. There are many options on how to find the IMEI code. It is written and printed on the phone’s box, on the battery, written in the contract, etc. also you can find the IMEI in the setting menu of the cell phone device or by dialing *#60#. Once you have the correct IMEI, the full name of the carrier and the model and brand of the device then you can open the tool and enter the details.

Unlock Options

You will receive the network unlock code in a few days on in a few hours. This will all depend on the model of the cell phone you own. When you receive the network unlock code enter it in your cell phone device. Finish the SIM card unlocking procedure. You unlock your GSM phone device with the paid unlock method. You will be able to use the handset you unlocked on CDMA and GSM mobile networks.

After you enter the unlocking code into the handset you own and it still doesn’t work right check that you entered the correct network unlock GSM phone code and if you did not, just give it another shot. You only have five attempts to get the unlock code right and if you do not succeed in this part of the operation then you should contact the carrier you wish to switch to.

How To Unlock GSM Phones For Free

The free SIM card unlock GSM phone solution is similar, if not identical; with the paid SIM card unlock solution. The way of functioning is the same for both an online solution. The difference here is that you get to pay for the first one and the latter you use for free.

Here too, you shall have to give the IMEI code of your GSM phone device, its model, carrier, and country. With the free unlocking software tool you will also generate an unlock code to remove the network limitations. You can use the same instructions. Whether you decide to trust more the paid pr the free unlocking GSM phone solution.

The complete instructions for using the free GSM phone unlocker software application tool are these:

Unlock GSM Phones Guide Step By Step

  1. Download the free unlock GSM phones tool on your computer device. ( you can download it on your laptop or tablet too) by click on the download button below:
  2. Install the tool immediately open it.
  3. Connect your GSM phone device to your PC using a USB cable.
  4. Wait until the GSM phone unlock tool identifies your handset.
  5. Fill in the mandatory fields.
  6. Check if all the specifications are filled in correctly, especially the IMEI number and the email address. You put a wrong IMEI. Then you will receive a wrong unlocking code. You enter a wrong email you will never receive the code on your address.
  7. Click “unlock now” and wait for a while. This process doesn’t normally take too long. But like in the case with the paid unlocking tool. The length of the code generating process will depend on the brand of your phone.
  8. Check your email for the message from the cell phone unlocking the GSM phone tool. This mail should contain the network unlock code which should have from eight to sixteen letters and numbers combined.
  9. Insert a SIM card from a carrier that is not the same you are locked to.
  10. Turn on your mobile phone device. You will be asked to enter an unlock code or a network pin. Enter the code from the email. (before you do this read the instructions on how to enter the unlock code. Sometimes, depending on the mobile phone’s model inserting the unlock pin can be a bit more complicated than you hoped for.)
  11. Press “ok” and that is it- your mobile phone device is officially and permanently unlocked.


Unlock GSM Phones Benefits

You can download and install the free cell phone unlocker tool no matter where you live. It works for all users in all countries and it is always for free. First of all, there is freedom. You are free to use any mobile phone operator.

Your network service not only in your country but outside its borders too. So you can sell the SIM card unlocked handset for a nicer price than the locked one. You can forever get rid of the ridiculously high roaming prices and rates thanks to our unlock phone page.

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