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How To Unlock Huawei P40 Carrier Lock With Bootloader Included

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Do you already have the need to unlock Huawei P40 – the newest mobile phone device from Huawei factory? If you have then we can offer you solutions. You can read all about the possibilities that you have and choose the best option. Take your time, learn all about the solutions and make the right choice.

What You Can Unlock

There are a lot of solutions to unlock your Huawei P40 mobile device from carrier lock or Bootloader lock. For all of you that aren’t informed – carrier lock is the one that doesn’t allow you to use other carrier services for two years. You may get the mobile device cheaper at the start but in the end, you are usually obligated to use a cell phone plan that isn’t good for your hobits.

Huawei P40

Solution No.1 Payable Websites

The first solution is payable. On the internet, you can find a lot of websites that can unlock your mobile phone for some amount of money. We can recommend you to use Google search. Simply make the research with the keyword “unlock Huawei P40” and you can get at least three-four good websites that can send you your code. The process goes like this:

  • Select one unlocking cell phones website using Google search (use their search because they offer great results),
  • Select you Huawei P40 model from the list – usually drop-down menu,
  • Enter your device’s IMEI number*
  • Make a payment

You will receive your code in a few hours!

* To get your IMEI number dial *#06# and you will get your unique combination on your screen!

Solution No.2 Local Stores

The second option is to visit some local mobile phone stores. They usually have some methods to regenerate lost, forgotten, carrier codes using different methods for different types of devices. They will also charge some money for your code but this method is the best one for all of you that don’t use internet payable services until now.

The traditional method can be the best one for some people, right?

Solution No.3 Generator (Free)

For all Huawei P40 cell phone users with some internet, apps or games using experience there is free solution. You all can find a few generating software out there. Most of the websites that provide this type of service have guides step by step that will help you use their unlock Huawei P40 code generators.

Unlock Huawei P40

Unlock Huawei P40 Code Entering Guidelines

Let say that you already get your locking combination using the first, second or the third option explained above. Then you must enter your code into your locked cell phone manually. It does not exist service that can input your code into your device using an internet connection or some other method without fiscal contact.

You can inert the P40 code very easy using the following steps:

  • Turn of your Huawei P40 mobile phone,
  • Remove the old SIM card,
  • Insert new SIM card from another carrier (example remove SIM card, from AT&T and input one from T Mobile),
  • Turn on the device,
  • Once the locked screen appears to insert the unlock code that you already received

You are done! Your device is now unlocked!

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