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How To Unlock iPhone 4 For Free by Code Generating Tools

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If you are reading this you are about to be familiarized with the only official service for how to unlock iPhone 4 for free. We promise to unlock your iPhone only once and it will last for a lifetime. Moreover, our service is completely legal and we offer it for free. I think it is safe to say since you have visited our site, that you bought this king of iPhone 4 by signing a contract to a certain carrier.

Why To Unlock iPhone 4

As you already know that’s what makes it locked, i.e. it can only function using only the services of this particular carrier and only with a SIM card issued by it. I don’t blame you if you want to learn how to unlock the device for free, and have the freedom to choose which services you would like to use with this brilliant wide-screened, brightly colored, fancy iPhone. To be free to use any SIM card you like you need to learn the factory how to solve the problem. And that is exactly what we will help you achieve.

We only require your IMEI number and leave the rest to us. Now, let’s get back to the IMEI. This code or number contains 15 numbers and can be seen on the battery label, or a label stuck to the box. If these tips don’t help dial *#60# and it instantly appears on the screen of your iPhone 4. You need to enter your IMEI here and obtain the unlock iPhone 4 code. The following step would be to download the tool called how to unlock iPhone 4 for the free tool on your PC. So naturally, you will go through the installation process and connect your iPhone 4 phone on your PC.

Now you need to click on UNLOCK NOW and be patient for a moment. Finally, turn off your iPhone 4 and insert the new SIM card you have chosen. Enter the unlock code and wait for the SMS confirming that your iPhone 4 is unlocked. Below you can download our software on your computer for free in less than two minutes.

How To Unlock iPhone 4 For Free

Download iPhone 4 Unlock Tool

If you want to download our program tool then you start downloading. This tool will find it very easy if you search in the downloading section on this website. below you have method step by step how yo use the iPhone 4 unlock tool!

Unlock Steps Procedure

  1. Download the software on your PC,
  2. Then start the tool on your computer,
  3. Connect your iPhone 4 whit your computer via USB cable,
  4. Select your country,
  5. Select your carrier,
  7. Put the code on your iPhone 4 and start using it on some another sim card,
  8. Congratulations you just make complete how to unlock iPhone 4 for free process.

Unlock iPhone 4 Supported Models

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S

Now you have nice instructions about how to unlock iPhone 4 for free.

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