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How To Unlock LG G4 For Free With Its IMEI Number Combination

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Getting the unlock code for your LG G4 is not impossible. Now is very easy to learn how to unlock the LG G4 cell phone by code generator software that is available for free download on this page bellow. If you use the first option you will get the service for free.

The second option will cost you a little bit in return you will definitely and permanently manage to unlock your LG G4 device. The third option will cost you a lot and the code you will receive will be the same as the code from option one. According to this, it is clear that the best solution for you is the remote service that can provide you your code for free.

Unlock LG G4 Code Generator

The most trusted online service like this is our code generator. Before you download our software from our official website of this service and commence the generating code process you need to prepare in advance with a few particulars about your LG G4 gadget. You must know your phone’s exact IMEI number as well as the name of the carrier your device was purchased from. With these details our generator can enter the carrier’s directory and get the unlock LG G4 code for you.

We will send you the code on the email you need to provide in the allotted section in the filling information part. There will be further details about the steps you need to perform to finalize the unlocking process on this page bellow. As soon as you receive the code you need to replace the SIM card already in your device with a SIM card from any other carrier you wish. You don’t want to mistype the unlock codes because you only have a limited amount of attempts to do so.

How To Unlock LG G4 Cell Phone Guide

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Open the tool and fill in all information for your locked LG G4 device,
  3. Then click on the unlock button and wait from five to ten minutes. To get an email message from us that have your code,
  4. When you have the unlock code you can change the sim card. Then fill in the unlock code and start to use your LG G4 on some another carrier,
  5. Your LG G4 mobile phone device is now unlocked!!!

Supported Models

The process is finished with entering the unlock code. However, you may want to adjust some of the settings on your phone like the internet. MMS settings for example. To enable the data connection from the new carrier you need to know the APN settings. With the new APN details, tap “settings- more- mobile networks- access point names”.

Hit the three dots or the “plus” symbol and hit the option “New APN”. Here you should update the APN settings with the info you got from the carrier. When you enter the new APN setting click “save” and turn on the “airplane mode”.

Then turn this option off and the new APN settings will be accepted. The complete unlocking process will be concluded.

All this process is not just easy but it is very safe too. Your LG G4 phone will never be harmed and your warranty will remain unblemished. Get your LG G4 permanently unlocked straight away! Start to unlock the LG G4 cell phone now!!!

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