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How To Unlock LG Optimus For Free By IMEI Number Info

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Today you will learn how to unlock LG Optimus cell phone for free only whit your computer and the LG Optimus unlocker software tool available on this page. These here could be the major news for LG’s phone users. This is the ultimate and improved software solution for unlocking LG Optimus lock.

Believe it or not, we have managed to tackle the problem with the hugest security there ever was regarding mobile phones. Up until now, there have been way too many attempts to remove the LG Optimus lock but unfortunately, they have all been futile. I won’t blame you if you are disappointed and you have given up hope, but this will prove to be the smartest move you have made regarding unlocking LG Optimus tools.

Unlock LG Optimus

About LG Optimus Unlocker Software Solution Service

The tool you are about to read all about is a software tool that is considered a mega innovation in this industry. The security blanket that is provided by the LG Optimus lock is great to a certain extent, but it can also prove to be an enormous setback if you try to sell your phone. The unlock LG Optimus software tool we offer is available here on this page and you can download it for free any time you feel like it. It is worth to try as it will be the last effort you would make regarding this issue.

We made sure that the use or we unlock the LG Optimus software Tool is simple for everyone. Also, provided below you will find the guide with detailed instructions as to how to complete the unlock LG Optimus process smoothly and with no problems. Just make sure you have read the guidelines carefully and understood them well before proceeding with the process of the lock. If you do the process step by step as explained the process will take all in all no more than fifteen minutes.

You can download our unlock LG Optimus software Tool on any device you wish (laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone). if the downloading is not successful the first time give it another shot. If that doesn’t work try changing the device where you initially attempted the download or try a different internet connection. The downloading process itself will not take more than five minutes if the internet connection on your device is stable. This tool will find it very easy if you search on

How To Unlock LG Optimus Procedure

Write them down, you do not want to have to look for them in the middle of the process or worse mistake them. Next, you install the unlock LG Optimus software Tool and fill in the information mentioned above (the model of your phone, the carrier, and the IMEI number). Also, complete the step by step procedure. Then remove the LG Optimus lock on your phone forever and for free with we unlock the LG Optimus Software Tool.

  1. So download the LG Optimus Unlocker Software on your computer
  2. Then open the file on your PC and connect your locked LG Optimus device whit your computer via USB cable
  3. Finally fill in the information about your LG device ( IMEI number, carrier, LG model )
  4. Then click on the unlock button when it is available for clicking
  5. Your LG Optimus device is now unlocked

Supported Models












G Pro E980

G LS970







The unlock LG Optimus process can generate and put the unlock LG code auto in your device. This is the best way to solve how to unlock LG Optimus issue for free. So start to solve this problem now and you will probably solve it in the next ten minutes. The tool works on any windows, MAC or Linux software that you use it on your PC at this moment.