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How To Unlock Nexus Phone For Free By IMEI Number

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For everyone who has a problem with how to unlock nexus phone from any model; There is a service that can help you with unlocking the nexus cell phone for free. It is known as unlock nexus code generator tool software available for free download on this page.

With this excellent service, people can successfully unlock nexus mobile phone models and deactivate the security of their carrier. So this is an official unlock nexus tool and can be applied to any nexus model brand and model. The model is unimportant.

As claimed by many users who have tried unlock nexus software, it is the perfect solution for everyone who has bought a cell phone from a second-hand mobile store and is not able to get in touch with the previous owner to help them deactivate the carrier lock.

How To Unlock Nexus

About Unlock Nexus Phone Program

So the principal purpose of the carrier nexus lock is to prevent a potential thief to have access to any information saved in the mobile device. In this way, the thief won’t be able to use the stolen device. However, this feature sometimes has a counter effect because the users usually forget their passwords or they buy already locked cell phones from the second-hand mobile stores.

How To Unlock Nexus Phone For Free Procedure

If you decide to use phone lock removal be ready to provide the original information for your device together with the original IMEI number of your phone. All you need to do is to download, install and run the unlock nexus code tool on your computer. After that just follow the simple steps and unlock your Nexus Phone forever.

  1. So download the tool
  2. Then install it on your computer
  3. Also, click the RUN button at the end on the installation process
  4. Then connect your Nexus cell phone whit your PC via USB cable
  5. Then put the information’s about your nexus device in the empty spots ( Your Nexus IMEI number, Nexus brand, Nexus Model, country and carrier)
  6. Finally, click the Unlock button
  7. As a result of this process, your Nexus mobile phone is now unlocked for free


To start the unlocking procedure you must have the unlock nexus tool on your computer. You can download this great software whit click on the download button below. To unlock the download button you first must to share our page one time on Facebook, Twiter or. This tool you will find it very easy if you search our webpage for downloading tools, generators or apps.

Unlock Nexus Phone Supported Models:











  • This process is permanent
  • You will unlock your cell phone for free
  • It is a very fast, easy simple procedure
  • The tool works on any windows, MAC or Linux software that you have it on your PC
  • You can first download the software on your cell phone and switch it whit your computer
  • You will be able to use any sim card on your nexus cell phone after unlocking process
  • No need to pay for expensive roaming services on your mobile phone provider when you are in some another country

Now it is so easy and fun to complete how to unlock the nexus mobile phone for free. Start this unlocking process to use your cell phone on some other carrier.

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