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How To Unlock OnePlus 2 Phone For Free By IMEI Number

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If you want to learn how to unlock OnePlus 2 cell phone device for free then you are in the right place to solve this problem permanently from your life. In the event of activating the carrier lock on your Oneplus 2, the best way to deal with it is downloading the free tool that came as a great relief to the Oneplus 2 users.

The Oneplus 2 code generator tool helps you remove the carrier lock and gives you the chance to start over with a new carrier and a new unlock sim card. If for some reason your Oneplus 2 got locked, of you bought it second hand and you cannot use it on another sim card, then this is the best solution for you. As you may know, the Oneplus has big storage space for videos, documents, files and so on.

If you cannot get access to them it would be a real waste. After all, many users activate the Oneplus for this feature only, to be able to enlarge the storage area and to be able to retrieve deleted data. If this is why you loved the Oneplus then I get it. But I also get all those people who want to unlock the Oneplus 2 they bought second hand. For all those users, whose number increases by the hour, the most wonderful news is the Oneplus 2 code generator tool.

Code Generator

The tool is available on this page bellow always free of charge. You don’t need to spend a dime to remove the lock on your device. Forget amount the large sums your friends paid for this same service. Now you can have the best online service for Oneplus carrier lock removal for free!

On top of that, it is so easy to work with, that the tool gets even more appealing to users. Just download and install the Oneplus 2 code generator tool on your computer, tablet, laptop or cell phone and enter a few details about the device you want to be unlocked. You will have to know the IMEI number of your device, but that is easy to find, as well as the exact model of the Oneplus, which you know. Believe it or not, but the whole process will start and complete no more than ten minutes.

How To Unlock OnePlus 2 Cell Phone By Generator

  1. So download the unlock OnePlus 2 code generator software tool on any device on which you have good internet access by click on the download button below:
  2. Then open the application on your device by double click,
  3. Also fill in all information for your locked OnePlus cell phone device (IMEI number, carrier on which is locked, country where is locked and your valid email address),
  4. So when you will fill in all information just click on the unlock button when it will be available for clicking (you first must provide all information about your device),
  5. Then wait about five to ten minutes and visit your email address,
  6. Also, get the unlock OnePlus 2 code that our team of professional send you in our mail,
  7. Then put the new sim card in your device from another carrier and turn on the device,
  8. Put the unlock OnePlus 2 code and select ok option,
  9. Your OnePlus 2 cell phone device is now unlocked!!!


  • Here you can unlock OnePlus 2 cell phone device for free
  • The unlock OnePlus 2 code generator works on any carrier worldwide
  • You can download and use this software on any windows. MAC. Linux. Android. IOS operative system that you use on your device at this moment in time
  • After unlocking OnePlus 2 phone whit this service you can use your device on any sim card
  • Thanks to this process you will pay a cheap price for calls, text messages, etc.
  • You will never pay for expensive roaming services when you are in some other country

This is the best way to learn how to unlock OnePlus 2 for free. From your own home. Whit your device and our innovative software for this problem. All you need to do is to download the software from this page above and to follow the instructions.

You just must to be a careful whit the right information for your OnePlus 2 device in the unlocking process. Our team is always here to help you if you have any problem whit this unlock OnePlus 2 procedure. You just need to feel free and to contact us by mail or in the comments below.

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