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How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime For Free 2018

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We can talk about the unlock Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, how to unlock it to work for any sim card in the world. This phone was released on sale in January 2018.

This phone first appeared in the markets in India. It has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display, and the resolution is lovely with 080 pixels by 1920 pixels. Nothing less is the CPU of this phone, it is extreme for the price it has. This 1.6GHz octa-core processor meets today’s standards that are needed for each of us including 4GB of RAM, and 265GB with a microSD card.

That is just a little introduction to this phone you already have in your hands but locked. You can only use your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime device on a single network operator. But if you have purchased it from Samsung stores, then it will be unlocked, and you do not need to read this guide. Of course, because you are here, you probably have a locked Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime.

How to unlock my Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime?

Here we will show you an excellent tool; we call unlock this software code generator for Samsung Devices. Firstly to mention that this tool is entirely free software, and works for any model of Samsung mobile phones. Most importantly, when you are already downloading it to your computer or mobile phone, this unlocking machine receives the latest updates from the official Samsung servers. In this case, this software will unlock any Samsung Devices free of charge.

To download this tool, please go to our official software download page. There you will find many free unlock tools, this one for the Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime. When you already have the software on your computer, I suggest you start now. You will see a form where it will ask you to enter the IMEI number from your Samsung Galaxy. If you do not know where it’s, do not worry. Remove the battery from your phone and find the IMEI number below the battery. Or, on the keyboard of your Samsung Galaxy On7, click *#06# and the IMEI code appears on the screen.

Unlock Samsung galaxy On7 Prime

Final Steps

Now when you have this code, enter it in the form and start the unlock process. That can take up to a minute; please be patient to wait. When the process is complete, you will get an Unlock Code. Now is the most critical moment how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime device.

In your mobile phone, enter a new Sim card from the Operator that does not accept the device. When you do this on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, a Sim Network Unlock Pin form appears where you need to enter an unlock code. That is where you need to enter the unlock code. Copy the code here and click on the Unlock button. When you do this, you will get a screen message from your mobile phone that your Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime is unlocked.

Now you have a wholly unlocked Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime on any Sim Card in the world. If you would like to ask us some questions, please write to us in a comment. For the newest information from the world of mobile technologies, follow our social networks.