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How To Unlock Samsung Phone For Free By IMEI Code

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On this page, you will find the best guide on how to unlock a Samsung phone for free. On this page bellow, you can download the best unlock Samsung tool to solve this big problem using your computer and your locked mobile phone device. Below you will find all the information about this issue for free.About

How can I unlock it?

These are the two questions that probably were going through your mind and made look for the solution. Here on this site, not only will we answer these agonizing questions but we will offer you the solution to your problem too.

Firstly: why is your Samsung cell phone locked? Your phone is most certainly locked to one and single-carrier because that is where you bought it from.

When you buy a mobile phone or any other device from a certain carrier and decide to go postpaid you have to sign an agreement confirming that you will use their services only. In return, you buy the mobile device of your dreams for a slightly cheaper price. It sounds like a WIN-WIN situation at first, but it is not that pink.

Secondly, and most importantly: Luckily, you have found us as we can explain to you just how to unlock your mobile phone forever. for example, you are the owner of Samsung s6 unlock needed, or any other model and are desperate to unlock it, here’s what you need to do:

– Track the IMEI number of your device (this is the 15 digit number mostly seen on the battery or printed on a label on the packaging of your mobile phone.

– Insert the unlock code

– Restart your phone

How To Unlock Samsung Phone Procedure

  1. So download the unlock Samsung software tool on your PC
  2. Then start the tool and connect your Samsung cell phone whit your computer via USB cable
  3. Also put your cell phone information ( IMEI number, Samsung model, carrier and country)
  4. Click on the unlock button to get the code for your cell device
  5. Finally, put the code on your mobile Samsung phone and you can now use it on any carrier in the world


  • This Samsung unlocking software works on any Samsung cell phone model
  • The tool you will get it for free
  • Software is 100 % safe so will no harm your cell phone on any way
  • You will use any sim card in the world on your Samsung cell phone whit no restrictions

How To Unlock Samsung Phone

How to unlock a Samsung phone procedure is as easy as these four steps. But before you try unlocking your Samsung mobile phone make sure you have the unlock code for your device. As you can see it has a major role in this process and here I will tell you just how to obtain it. Just follow the steps and you will have your unlock code in no time. Make sure you write it.

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