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How To Send SMS For Free Using Tools That Work Online

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The world has many popular apps on how to send free SMS for anyway, on the phone number, home phone, and other options. Some applications such as WhatsApp are very popular because they offer the opportunity to send free SMS. However, this does not mean that you cannot send SMS free too.

Well, the SMS will be sent for free but to use this kind of service you will need to get over the many advertisements on that particular page. It is always recommended that you check twice before you install any of the apps which offer free SMS services and see whether they infringe on some of your privacy rights. Because in some cases these services may even sell your info to marketing companies.

Also, there are a lot of online services that tend to offer that you can send and receive SMS with them but without effect. Still, that does not mean that there are no reliable services to send free SMS. Here are a few of them:

Send Free SMS by Tools

Probably the most useful free SMS service is Way2sms. It offers quick SMS delivery, even though this is not the only web service capable of doing this. So it is perfectly compatible with mobile and desktop browsers and it also has an Android App. It is also possible to access it across platforms thanks to its functioning mobile website.

The catch with this as well as with the other web services that offer free SMS services is that they will spam you with a lot of advertisements. For instance, we have received promotional emails even before we have received the verification email. In addition, it is better to stay away from the Way2sms Android app because it requires a lot of permissions in which “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage”, read sensitive log data”, “test access to protected storage, precise location (GPS and network-based)” etc… are included. The mobile web page works perfectly fine so there is no need for the mobile app at all.


First, you need to go to the official Way2sms website and create your account. Shortly afterward you should receive a password on your mobile phone and a verification mail.

After that go to the website again and login with your account. Click on Send Free SMS. You will be now redirected to a page in which Way2sms asks you to add contacts. You can skip this, but at first sight, the site makes it seem that you cannot send SMS without saving your contacts on the servers. Just click on the Send SMS link which is right next to the home icon found on the top.

  • Now enter the recipient number, write your message and press Send SMS.

There was another web service for sending SMS messages known as 160by2 but it was long acquired by Way2sms. This service is worth mentioning because it still functions separately and it has a Chrome extension that enables you to send messages directly from your browser. However, overall, Way2sms is the better option and offers a better interface on its mobile site.

Free SMS Send via Hike App

You can use Hike messenger on most of the current platforms. This messaging app has one nice feature which enables you to send SMS as well as to send SMS to other Hike users. Once you sign up you will receive a balance of 20 free SMS and you will get extra 50 if you convince any of your friends to sign up for Hike. This app unlike the other messaging apps not only let you send SMS but also enable you to receive them as well. You can earn more free SMS by using the Hike messenger to chat.

To send SMS with Hike do this

Install the Hike app and register an account. Press the new message button and enter the phone number of the person you want to send a message to. Alternatively, you can go through the contact list and tap on the name of the contact that does not have Hike installed on his device and you can chat with them using your SMS balance.

How To Send

We have here the best software in this step. This is a special tool that works on any platform. As an android, iOS, and PC, and here the best is that you will send unlimited free SMS any time on any Phone number in the world. This software is created by one special team from Amsterdam. To download go on this link below:

When will get this software is very easy to use. Only unzip and in this folder, you have all versions on this tool. To install on any devices. When will complete the Installation on your device, here will see where is a need to add a phone number where you like to send SMS and one from where you will write your SMS. Here click on the Send button and your SMS will be sent for free. There are a lot of website services and apps that offer free SMS send services. The services which we have described in this article are one of the most reliable and useful. If you know similar website services feel free to share it with our readers in the post section.