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How To Unlock HTC One Any Model Freely By IMEI

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You are about to learn how to unlock HTC One cell phone for free by unlocking HTC One software that is available for free downloading on this page bellow. Here you will find all the information and instructions How to complete unlocking HTC One process for free without any mistake only whit your computer device and our tool available here on this post bellow.

How To Unlock HTC One Software

You can finally say goodbye to the network lock on your HTC One! if you are curious how to do this just read this article from the top to bottom and you will discover more details about locked mobile devices- not just how to unlock them using the best unlocking method chosen for you.

Network or SIM indeed locked mobile phones are not a rarity among the mobile phone users. Most of the cell phone devices we buy and use have this sort of lock on. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where did buy the device from.


You can buy it online, from a store around the corner, from a friend and even from your siblings and the lock will still be there. I am trying to say that the lock doesn’t mean anything illegal. The HTC One locked device is not locked because you or the previous users were not doing a thing right but because the carrier the device is originally bought from, has decided to do so. After all, that’s why we can buy all the new and fancy phones at cheaper prices and on a lot of installments.

This in exchange results in a locked phone which can only function properly if you use it on one single mobile network- the network of the carrier you got your HTC One ( or any other mobile device) from.

For many years people didn’t have a clue how to get rid of the lock so they just calmly waited for the contract with the carrier to be over. However, today we have a whole different scenario. There are powerful and extremely clever hackers all around the world who can achieve even impossible.

Unlock HTC Future

In this context, a couple of those geniuses created the tool that will make you see the communication world from an entirely different perspective. The tool that they created can be found on this page as Unlock HTC One Tool.

Even though the prefix of this software application tool is- hack, there is nothing illegal with it. On the contrary, every single process performed by the Unlock HTC One Tool doesn’t break any regulations, restrictions or laws. If you find this hard to believe then I have just the info you needed to know.

First of all, no mobile phone device was ever meant to be locked. By law, all mobile phones should be unlocked. However, the carriers’ decided to use this feature in their benefit without blinking an eye.

Second of all, after so many reactions both by users and manufacturers a law has been passed about the right of every user to be able to unlock their mobile phone device no matter what model or brand this is. This law was signed by the European Parliament as well as the National Parliament.

How Does The Unlock HTC One Tool Work

This Unlock HTC One application tool works in a very effective and simple manner. Even those like you and me can understand the procedure of the whole unlocking activity. Unlike other tools who are extremely expensive and require you to be an internet super-wizard, this tool is very easy to manage.

Other methods may require that you buy a certain exterior device, to make several payments to log on here, then log on there and so on. In the end, you may end up with an unlocked HTC One but most of the time the unlock with the other tools is never permanent. This implies that the unlock with Unlock HTC One Tool is truly permanent and that’s the difference between the Unlock HTC One Tool and all the other tools available online.

The Unlock HTC One Tool differs from the others because it performs an IMEI unlock. That means that at some point during the unlocking process you will be asked to provide your IMEI number. The IMEI number is the “other” name for your mobile phone. It is something like a nickname and every mobile device has one. There can never be two IMEI codes used for two different mobile phones.

About Unlock HTC

Thanks to the IMEI our Unlock HTC One Tool can enter the database of the network provider and remove the lock directly. This process is known as whitelisting. Once your HTC One is white-listed in your carrier’s database then your device is safe forever. You will never have to live in fear that the lock may just pop back on. I am sure that you have heard a lot of stories about the unlocking and some of those are not far from the truth.

For example, when you unlock your mobile phone device i.e. your HTC One and decide to open HTC than the chances are pretty huge that the lock will reappear. However, since you decided to unlock your HTC One with the Unlock HTC One Tool, your HTC One is white-listed in all databases so you can open all applications anytime you want.

How To Unlock HTC One Guide Step By Step

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Open the application with just two clicks and initiate the installation process. this is an automatic operation and all you have to do is click “next” and one final “I agree” with the terms and conditions of the tool.
  3. Now that the Unlock HTC One Tool is successfully installed on your computer you may open it and start the unlocking process.
  4. Connect the HTC One device that you wish to unlock with the computer you installed the Unlock HTC One Tool on. The best solution to make this connection is no doubt, using a USB cable. This method of connecting your HTC One to your computer is the simplest and the most stable one. If you wish to establish this connection somewhat different you may as well do.
  5. The dialog window should appear in a matter of seconds and you need to fill in the crucial data about your HTC One device in the fields provided. Also, you will need to type in the IMEI number in one of the fields. You don’t have your IMEI number at this time you can obtain it in several ways. Like, you can see it on the battery, of printed on the box of packaging. You can search the settings menu and it should be hiding in the options general. You might as well contact the service center of the network provider you are using and get the IMEI of your HTC One if that’s not against their policy.
  6. When you enter all the details you need to click “unlock” and wait for a minute or two to receive a message notifying you that the unlocking process has started.
  7. Normally the unlocking process lasts between 24 hours to 48 hours. Only in rare instances do people have to wait for 48 hours. But even if that is the case with you just think how long it would have taken you to unlock your HTC One directly from the carrier. They would drag on at least three weeks!
  8. After the allotted time for the unlocking to be finished and after you received the positive e-mail turn off your HTC One and carefully take out the SIM card that is placed there. Insert a SIM card from a different carrier and make a phone call to prove to yourself that you did it!
Unlocking HTC

When inserting a new SIM card you need to be aware of one thing: all SIM cards are not the same. They come in three different sizes, the standard, the micro, and the macro SIM card.

Hopefully, the new carrier you have chosen doesn’t work only with one size of SIM cards. It wouldn’t hurt if you check this in advance. Another thing that you should know is that when switching to a different SIM card you can keep your old phone number. Now every mobile phone operator has this option so you can go directly to their store and request that you keep the previous phone number.

This method is especially suitable for the users of HTC One devices, especially for HTC One.


  1. Let’s say that you travel a lot, and even if you don’t you surely go out of the country at least once r twice a year, and your experience has shown you that your HTC One 4 is totally useless when you cross the border. You can’t insert a domestic SIM card and make cheaper calls. Let’s not forget all those charges about your data connection. You need to be on alert at all times so that your mobile data doesn’t turn on itself. If it does then half your monthly salary will be spent on covering that expense. You don’t want that do you
  2. Let’s say that you don’t travel at all and you are always in your home country. Unlocked HTC One 4 can be more of use as unlocked in that case as well. In this scenario, you can choose the mobile plan of the most generous carrier. You can choose to have free calls and half-the price texts this month, you can choose a free mobile data connection and a limited amount of free calls the next. However your preferences may be, you can save a lot of money juggling with the carriers’ offers when your HTC One 4 is unlocked.
  3. Let’s say that you want to upgrade your HTC One 4 to an updated of the newer version. You must sell your HTC One 4 and you must sell it for a much less price than you bought it. You practically have to give it away! – Wrong! When you unlock your HTC One 4 it is worth a lot more. You can sell it for a much higher price than you would have if it had not been unlocked.
  4. Whit this software you can solve it:

Supported models

  • M9s
  • E9s Dual Sim
  • A9
  • M9+ Supreme Camera
  • ME
  • M9+
  • M8s
  • E9+
  • E9
  • M9
  • (M8 Eye)
  • (E8) CDMA
  • (M8) For Windows
  • (M8) For Windows CDMA
  • Remix
  • (M8) Dual SIm
  • (E8)
  • Mini 2
  • (M8) CDMA
  • HTC One (M8)
  • Max
  • Mini
  • SV
  • VX
  • X+
  • ST
  •  SC
  • XC
  • X
  • AT&T
  • XL
  • S C2
  • S
  • V

How To Unlock HTC One

All in all, there is nothing to lose. To unlock your HTC One with the ultimate unlocking Unlock HTC One Tool for free. Take advantage of all the benefits that users of unlocked HTC One devices can. Now you don’t have to use the services of the carrier that overcharges. Now you can take things into your own hands and do what most still consider impossible- permanently unlock your HTC One without spending a dime. So now it is so easy to solve how to unlock HTC One problem!

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