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How To Unlock ANY Locked Cell Phone For Free

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Thanks to this you will learn how to unlock a locked cell phone tool that is locked to a particular carrier. Using this site you will switch your cell phone on another carrier. You will unlock your phone very easy, in your home, just whit your computer if you follow the guide below on this page.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay for this service. Before for this service, we all must pay for solving this problem to some of those sites on the internet that help whit unlocking phones ( or in some local store), but now we have a great decode cell phone tool that you can download below on this page. The tool is very simple for use. I will explain to you all you need to do so have a beer whit me and you will unlock your phone lock in the next ten minutes.

This tool will find it very easy if you use our downloading page.

Unlock Locked Cell Phone Process

After you will download the tool follow these steps below:

  1. Open the unlock cell phone tool
  2. Connect your cell phone whit your computer via USB cable
  3. Wait for the tool to “find” your cell phone
  4. When the tool will find your device, you will get this message: “Do you want to restart this phone” – then click yes
  5. On the screen, on your cell phone, you will get this message: “High risk! Are you sure” – then click yes

After you will end whit all five steps your cell phone will have a factory restart. When you will turn on your cell phone put the new SIM card and you can use it. It is very simple. Hackers have broken the security again:). Great!!!

More great is that this decode cell phone toll works on any type or model. Hackers have realized that all cell phones are locked on the same program and they hack it. So the problem is solved no regardless you use Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel or another cell phone. The tool works on all types of cell phones. Using this software you can use any SIM card on your cell phone so you can change your operator at any time when you will want to do that. We all know that this is very important when we are in another country and we must pay big moony in roaming so this makes this toll more great to all of us that travel a lot.

Please after you will unlock your cell phone share this page. Thanks

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