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How To Unlock Nexus 6P For Free By Code Calculating Software

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About how to unlock Nexus 6P and all that you need to do to complete this process successfully in the next minutes from your own home and device whit, our unlock Nexus 6P code generator tool available bellow.

More or less we are all aware of what the term “SIM locked” means.

Unlock Nexus 6P Code

Unlocking Process

Let’s start from scratch.

The carrier does this depending on the means of selling the device in question. But we don’t always have to stick to the contracts, do we? Where is the fun in that anyway? If you keep to the contract could you use any SIM card in your country you want?

If you obey the rules can you use your Nexus 6P mobile phone device in every country you travel without paying roaming fees? The answer is no, no and no. that is why you should hurry and takedown that software program blockage with another software program tool and move on with your interesting life. The moment you unlock your Nexus 6P cell phone device you can use the best mobile phone services in and out of your country, you can even save money on your phone bill and you can download thousands of free mobile phone apps, tools, and games. You will start loving your Nexus 6P device once again!


The tool is amazing as it is. When you start using it you will be surprised how awesome it is. You will remove the SIM card lock off of every single Nexus 6P mobile phone model ever manufactured. u will only need a couple of minutes to deal with the toughest Nexus 6P mobile phone device, but in the end, you will succeed in your mission in only a few moments. The tool is so amazing and unique at the same time and you can install it on every single computer model, every laptop brand and make, every tablet ever produced and the newer version of the Nexus 6P

Unlocking Instructions

Unlocker Software Tool announces the mobile phone version as well.

There are no pre-requirements. If you wish to get this tool. But it is always good to be well prepared. So maybe. Before you start the unlocking process you need to get some details straight. For example. You need to confirm that the IMEI number of your Nexus 6P mobile phone device is correct. You need to check what is the country of buying. especially if you bought the Nexus 6P from another user.

Unlock Nexus 6P Instructions

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google the free Nexus 6P Unlocker Software Tool on the computer device of your choice by click on the download button below:
  2. Install it.
  3. Connect the Nexus 6P mobile phone device to the computer, tablet or laptop.
  4. Open the Nexus 6P Unlocker Software Tool with two successive clicks.
  5. Fill in the requested details (IMEI, country, carrier, mobile phone model…)
  6. Provide your valid email address. We don’t ask you for your address to send you annoying newsletters but to send you the unlock code that will grant you your SIM card freedom.

Final Unlock News

  1. Click on the UNLOCK option which will highlight once all the mandatory fields are completed.
  2. Check your email and notice the unlock code you will receive shortly after you click the UNLOCK option.
  3.  Turn off your Nexus 6P mobile phone device and carefully pull out your current SIM card. Make sure that the other SIM card you wish to insert is the same in size with the other one.
  4. Put the other SIM card and turn on your Nexus 6P.
  5. You will be asked to enter an unlock code because the SIM card will not be accepted.
  6. Carefully enter the 8-digit unlock code and press “ok”.
  7. Your Nexus 6P is officially SIM card unlocked.

How To Unlock Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P Unlocker Software Tool is free of charge. You will never have to pay a single dime for this software application tool. No matter how many times you decide to use it. No matter where in the world do you lives in. So far there are users from over 150 countries.

The number is growing daily. The Nexus 6P Unlocker Software Tool is the best that you can find. To help you solve your Nexus 6P lock problem. Download the tool today. Contact us in case you need some assistance and help.