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How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 For Free Using IMEI Information

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Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 today! Any model of the worldly famous Sprint Galaxy S6 can be now unlocked permanently and free of charge. Don’t rush to skip this because you may be skipping the only opportunity for a quick, permanent and efficient SIM unlock removal.

The unlocking instrument and method described here will awe you most definitely for its simplicity and effectiveness. Even though this unlocking software application tool is fairly new on the market it is already known worldwide as a few thousand Sprint Galaxy S6 users have already applied it on their mobile phone devices and can never be happier with the choice that they have made.

Why struggling with the SIM lock on your Sprint Galaxy S6 and smartphone device when you can forget about it in the split of the second. This simple solution will make you see the world of smartphones under a brand new and much brighter light.

How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6

How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6

Although the answer to this question applies to most of the smartphones in general, there are a few things that are specific only for the Sprint Galaxy S6. This can mean not one, but a few restrictions at the same time.

And what happens when a newer model of your Sprint Galaxy S6 comes out and you want to upgrade your device? Then you would probably want o sell your existing Sprint Galaxy S6 and buy the new one. Did you know that the SIM unlocked Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone device is sold almost double the price of the SIM locked Sprint Galaxy S6 handsets? If you didn’t think about it! Not only you will have many more options with your unlocked cell phone device, but you can also make a profit by selling it. All things considered, removing the SIM lock can never be a bad idea.


Now so long ago there was this trend when all the smartphone users would go to the mobile service shops. There are still some people that are considering this option, but it is too risky for my taste.

The other option you may think about is the official unlock through your carrier. If you are a patient person then I recommend this method for you, although the best option is yet to come.

Last, but not least is my favorite unlocking method ever. It is sleek, fast and straight forward. This method implies using a software application tool that you install on your computer and performs the SIM unlocking procedure with your own hands.

The most sought for a tool for the Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone devices is without a doubt the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool. This software is easy to operate and its success rate is 100 percent. On top of that, it can be downloaded no matter where on the planet it is the place you call your home. What is even more stunning about the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool is that it can precisely calculate the unlock code for your Sprint Galaxy S6 device using only your IMEI number. I find it brilliant that one can get their unlock code for free, the same unlock code that the carriers charge a huge amount of money.

The IMEI number is very important in the unlocking performed. The Sprint Galaxy Unlock Software Tool, you must not make an error regarding it. To be sure that the IMEI is your Sprint Galaxy S6’s then just dial *#60#. Of course, there are other ways how to find the IMEI, but this method will do just fine.

Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 Instructions Step By Step

Before you start the SIM unlock process you should read these guidelines:

  1. Download the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool whatever electronic device you wish. It can be a PC or a laptop. You can start the unlocking process by click on the download button below:
  2. Install the unlocking instrument on your device and open it Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool when the installations over.
  3. Connect your Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone device to the computer.
  4. Wait for the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool to detects your handset.
  5. Fill in a few details about the Sprint Galaxy S6 you want to SIM unlock. (The country of purchase. The seller that put the SIM lock on your Sprint Galaxy S6. The IMEI number.). Also, you should provide a valid email address. You can create for this occasion especially if you don’t want to share your email.
  6. Click unlock and check the email. In your inbox, you will see the message from the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool with the unlock code.
  7. Put a SIM card from a carrier. Whose services you were not able to use before. Enter the unlock code.
  8. When you press ok your Sprint Galaxy S6 will be permanently unlocked. It will be able to function on all SIM cards and carriers wherever you may go.

When you enter code you need to be careful not to enter it wrongly for more than five times. Otherwise, your Sprint Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 may stay permanently locked.

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