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Unlock Xiaomi Mi 6 Generator For Free Full Guidelines

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Learn all about how to unlock Xiaomi Mi 6 for free by tool available on this page bellow. If you own a Xiaomi Mi 6 mobile phone device and it is locked, we are here to help you. Here, we offer you this free of charge tool that can remove the SIM card and the network restrictions on all Xiaomi Mi 6 mobile phone devices.

We don’t ask where you bought it, we don’t care what carrier you got it from, and we don’t even want to know how long ago you bought your Xiaomi Mi 6. All we want is to make you happy and help you feel the joy of owning an unlocked Xiaomi Mi 6.

Unlock Xiaomi Mi6

Get the free Xiaomi Mi 6 Unlocker Tool today

Before we start the unlocking procedure you must check if your Xiaomi Mi 6 is SIM card locked or maybe not. The first indicator would be the contract you signed with the carrier. If that doesn’t give you a clear answer you can call the customer support of your carrier and ask them about your SIM card lock –status.

There is yet another check that you can perform and that may be the simplest SIM card unlock-check ever. It revolves around the simple swap of SIM cards. Instead of the current SIM card insert a SIM card issued by another mobile phone operator and see what will happen after your turn on your mobile phone device.

Since you probably do not own the unlock code this article will help you generate it and have it. All you have to do is download the Xiaomi Mi 6 Unlocker Tool and follow the SIM card unlocking instructions. You don’t need special equipment or some extra pre-requisites before you commence this process.
All you need is a computer;
Another thing that you should know in advance is the IMEI number of your Xiaomi Mi 6. The IMEI number is very important for the identity of your Xiaomi Mi 6. The award-winning question, though, will be how to get that important IMEI number. The complete unlocking procedure from scratch to end is compressed in these few instructions.
Read them and follow them.

Using The Xiaomi Mi 6 Unlocker Tool To Achieve Your Goals

  1. So click on a link posted here, on the button below to download the free unlock Xiaomi Mi 6 :
  2. You will see the notification at the bottom of your computer screen when the downloading is complete. You can start the installing process as soon as the downloading is finished.
  3. After the installation of the free Xiaomi Mi 6 Unlocker Tool, you can open it and check what details you should enter.
  4. Connect your Xiaomi Mi 6 to the computer. You have done this before for sure, so find the USB cable that came with your Xiaomi Mi 6 and connects it on your computer.
  5. Fill in the required details. Enter the country of purchase. Then enter the carrier you bought the Xiaomi Mi 6 from. Enter the unlock IMEI number. Enter a valid email address.
  6. Click “unlock”
  7. You will receive an email.
  8. Be patient for a couple more minutes. Refresh your browser and check your email again. You should have another email. This time you will see the SIM card unlock code enclosed in it.
  9. Turn off your Xiaomi Mi 6. Pick a SIM card that has the same size as the SIM card from your current carrier. The size of the SIM card must match the size of the SIM card slot implanted in your mobile phone device.
  10. Turn on your mobile phone device.

Unlock Advantage

  1. Carefully enter the code from the email. Sometimes the code can consist only of numbers, but it can often happen that the code is a mixture of both letters and numbers. It should be long somewhat between eight to sixteen characters.
  2. Check if you entered the unlock code correctly and enter “ ok”
  3. Then you will be able to enter the menu of your Xiaomi Mi 6 and dial your friends, send texts or use the internet data from the new carrier. You can repeat this all day long with SIM cards from all the carriers in your country.

You will never feel frustrated again for having to use a different mobile phone device every time you cross the borders of your country only to save some money on the roaming taxes.

So enjoy all the free features and apps. In other words, enjoy everything that your newly unlocked Xiaomi Mi 6 can do for you and your indulgence.