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Xperia Unlock Bootloader Code Generator For Free

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If you were ever thinking that to unlock the Xperia Bootloader on your cell phone was impossible now is the exact time when you will change your mind. Mobile phone devices always come with locked Xperia Bootloader. There are other gadgets whose Xperia Bootloader is not locked. That is why one may think that there is a way to unlock the Xperia Bootloader of one’s cell phone and that is correct.

Unlock Xperia Bootloader With Unique Unlock Xperia Code

To unlock the Xperia Bootloader is not a simple task. The Xperia Bootloader itself is not a simple program. It is the kind of program that supports the entire operative system of the device. The first program that starts up whenever you power on your gadget.

Without it, you wouldn’t be able to use your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone… sometimes when the Xperia Bootloader is locked you cannot change the operating system of your device with a custom ROM. The custom ROM option is especially attractive for Xperia phone users as it boosts up the performance of the Android devices. With the locked Xperia Bootloader you are stuck with what you got in the first place and there is not changing the operative system no matter how little you like it.

How To Unlock Xperia Bootloader

To unlock the Xperia Bootloader of your cell phone device you will need a code. The code consists of both letters and numbers and trying to randomly guess is just stupid. There are tools designed especially for that- generating your unique Xperia Bootloader unlock code.

In return, these tools ask only for your Android’s IMEI number and the model of the mobile phone. The less complicated way to discover your IMEI, if you don’t know it, is by dialing *#60# from the touchpad of your handset. If the IMEI you enter during the unlocking Xperia process is incorrect, so will be the unlocking code. You must enter the correct IMEI to get the correct code. Otherwise, you could block your handset for good.

How To Unlock Xperia Bootloader

The unlock tool has been selected as the best among hundreds of similar tools. It proves to be the most user-friendly and it satisfied all set criteria for tools of this caliber. The generator tool is easy to use. It is not complicated to download and install.

The tool it is FREE, it works with computers running on all operative systems. It generates the unlock Xperia bootloader code for your device in ten minutes. The tool is safe and will not harm your mobile phone nor your computer. The Xperia Bootloader lock it performs is permanent.

If you like all the advantages that you can get with the Unlock Xperia Bootloader App Code Generator Tool here’s how to start and successfully finish the Unlock Xperia Bootloader unlocking process.

Full Instructions

  1. Download the tool by click on the download button below:
  2. Then install it on your computer.
  3. Double click on the fully installed tool to open.
  4. Type in the information asked of you ( your Xperia’s IMEI number, it’s model and your email address)
  5. See the “generate” button highlighted and click on it to start generating your unlock code.
  6. After a few minutes check your email address for a message containing the alphanumeric code that will unlock your handset.
  7. Manually download and install the tool known as Android SDK.
  8. Open the menu of your mobile phone device and go in the SETTINGS menu, then select the DEVELOPER OPTIONS, and select the option ENABLE USB DEBUGGING.
  9. Turn off your mobile phone and connect it to your PC. While connecting the two devices, with the USB cable, of course, don’t forget to keep pressing the volume key.
  10. Open the Android SKD folder and select the PLATFORM APPS.
  11. In the platform apps, select the fast boot devices and enter this special command: fastboot-I OxOfceoem Xperia Unlock Bootloader along with the unlock code on your email.

Final Steps

So this is the best way to unlock the bootloader on any Xperia model cell phone device for free. All you need to do to start using all benefits from the bootloader unlocked Xperia device is to download the Xperia unlock bootloader code generator on your device from the download button above and to follow the guide step by step how to complete the unlocking bootloader successfully.

Now you can be proud of yourself for unlocking the Xperia Bootloader on your Android mobile phone device completely on your own with the little help of this amazing tool. For more questions and details visit the webpage and read the comment section or the FAQ section. Finally, if you cannot find the answers you need there feel free, at any time, to contact the customer’s service which will be more than pleased to help you out during the entire Xperia Bootloader unlock procedure.

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