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Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Tool For Free Using Special Tool

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Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Tool available on this page only for free. Did you ever consider jailbreaking your Apple TV 4? If you didn’t consider it here are some very good reasons why you should and if you did you already know them. Either way, jailbreaking your Apple TV 4 is a good idea because as it is Apple TV 4 is a brilliant media center for every home. It is powerful enough from many aspects except for one- streaming video.

This last aspect makes you want to jailbreak your media center and it is the best idea you can think of regarding that issue. If you have Apple TV 4 then you know that watching your favorite TV show or movie is quite a smile via iTunes. You connect to a PC with iTunes buy whatever it is that you want to watch and get on with it.

The trouble begins when you want to watch a video that wasn’t purchased from iTunes. The streaming is a problem when you even want to borrow a video, regardless if it is a movie, show or a sports game, from the Apple video library. The downloading is so slow that it can last for a couple of hours and it recommended only for the extremely patient people. All the jokes aside, there is a way to solve this and procedure that you need to do it is modestly simple and easy to handle.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Jailbreak Apple TV 4 And Make It Perfect Media Center

Well, the easiest shortcut to make Apple TV 4 perfect is to perform a jailbreak. The jailbreak that you would do is like the jailbreak on your iPhone. This means that you gain root access which allows you to control and maneuver the operating system and also the firmware of your Apple device. I am guessing that you know that any Apple device can be jailbreak including iPod, iPad, iPhone and the Apple TV 4. The Apple TV 4, which is in our focus today, is an extremely mighty Unix computer.

The graphic card and the graphic processor that the Apple TV media center has great power and can perform a lot of actions like decoding without conversion, streaming HD videos, but it can also stream the MKV video format too. The Apple TV 4 media center is compatible with XBMC and with a lot of applications that are not an Apple product. When you jailbreak your Apple TV you win because the Apple TV turns out to be much cheaper than the HTPCs. People pay for around 300$ for the HTPCs and only 100 $ for an Apple TV 4 (if you want to do the jail-break yourself). This means that you can make your home a much happier place if you only decided to jailbreak the Apple TV media center right now.


Some may wonder: “Why would I want to jailbreak my Apple TV 4?” or “why is it a good idea to go with the jailbreaking apple tv 4 processes?”

1. Customization

One of the reasons why it is good to jailbreak your Apple TV 4 media center is that you can now adjust the main menu of your Apple TV 4 according to your own needs. For example, you can hide some menus, adjust the screen saves, add slideshows of pictures, weather update info and so on.

2. Media Items

The Apple TV 4 media center has a lot to offer when it comes to media items or if you wish media content. If you decide to switch from cable to Apple TV 4 then that is one very smart move, because with Apple TV 4 at only 99$ you will have access to thousands of media items of any genre that there is. When you jailbreak your Apple TV there is the opportunity for you to take advantage of AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring.


The access to the media from iTunes, NHL, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and others will be granted to you without any delay and you will no longer wait for hours if you want to watch any movie or a video. The door will be wide open for you and you can check out as many TV channels as you wish, starting from ABC, CBS, A&E, MTV, NBA, Hulu, and many others. The number of content providers is long and you will have a lot of channels to choose from once you jailbreak your Apple TV media center.

3. The XBMC portal

But the XBMC portal has a lot more to offer than just access to content.

This portal is so good that it is present on any possible platform. On the other hand, it is super simple to install and customize its settings. In other words, the XBMC portal is perfect for the users of Apple TV 4. The only requirement is that the Apple TV 4 is jailbreak. If you want to make your Apple TV 4 more fun then why not bypass the interface of Apple and boot into XBMC for more value of the money you spent on the Apple TV 4.


4. TV Flash

If you are not into setting up the tools, plug-ins, and apps on the Apple TV 4 so that you can benefit the most then don’t worry. There is a way around this too. In this situation, you can use the option run TV flash (black). Your Apple TV 4 should be already jail broken when you run the TV flash on your computer. Just imagine what you will be missing if you didn’t jailbreak your Apple TV media center.

5. Install the remote HD app

If your Apple TV 4 is never jailbreak-ed this option will never be available for you. It is a shame not to utilize it when it is available. With the remote HD app, you can control the Apple media center with your iPhone or iPad.

6. Browsing the web

Imagine browsing your webpage on a 55’’ TV screen. Wouldn’t that be awesome or what!? Well, if you jailbreak your Apple TV 4 that awesomeness can be part of your daily routine. Only with the jailbreak can you install the WebKit browser that enables you the internet browsing on the screen of your TV.


Jailbreaking opens a lot of opportunities for you, ones that you were not even aware that existed.

Check out the list below and start the jailbreak process ASAP.

  • The newest iTunes version. Check for updates. If there are no updates of iTunes then you are good to go.
  • Another requirement, maybe not crucial, is that you use a laptop. The reason here is because the laptop is not static and you can easily bring it closer to your TV.
  • If you’re going to jailbreak an Apple TV 4 you are going to need one.
  • The jailbreak application
  • USB C cable
  • Apple TV remote

The instructions below apply only for all generations of Apple TV.

Step By Step Apple TV 4 jailbreak Guide Instructions

  1. The first step of the whole jailbreaking process would be the most important one as well. This tool will find it very easy if you search our downloading page.
  2. If you don’t have the latest version of iTunes you cannot proceed with the jailbreak. Just to be sure to download the latest iTunes version from here and move on to the next step.
  3. Find a USB C cable.
  4. Open the jailbreak app and find the Create Ipsw button and click on it.
  1. With the USB cable (from step 3) you need to connect your Apple TV 4 to your computer. Grab the remote and point it towards the Apple TV 4. Keep pressing the HOME and Menu button at the same time for about 10 seconds. This will enter the TV in the DFU mode. All this time the Apple must be disconnected from a power source. Only after the custom ipsw is downloaded can you connect the apple tv 4 to a power source.
  2. iTunes will confirm the successful installation of the ipsw after which confirmation you will see the settings menu. You can customize the settings here according to your own needs and wishes. This makes things easier because you can turn on only one device instead of two.
  3. You complete the jailbreak apple tv 4 procedure successfully!!!

Jailbreak Apple TV 4

Pay Attention

The world of entertainment will never be boring or monotonous ever again for you and your family. Once you jailbreak your Apple TV there will be no room for vexation. Even though the advantages of this process are so many I must mention the disadvantages as well. This is a tiny negative spot maybe, in the sea of so many positive. But if this bugs you so much then just restore in iTunes and you will immediately reverse the jailbreak process.
This is the best Apple TV 4 Jailbreak procedure for free that you can complete it on your device. Good luck and feel free to comment below if you need our help whit this process…

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