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Jailbreak Apple TV 2 By Apple TV 2 Jailbreak Tool

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Here on this page, you can learn how to jailbreak Apple TV 2 device for free by the best Apple TV 2 Jailbreak software tool available for free downloading on this page bellow. Learn all about Apple TV history and jailbreaking process bellow before you use the Apple TV Jailbreak Tool. The digital media player developed by Apple Inc is known to the users worldwide as Apple TV. The fourth-generation has been released just recently but the third generation of this compact household appliance was released three years ago.


Most of the users still have in their home the Apple TV 2 as it reached the greatest selling rate. This entertainment unit became a necessity almost instantly. It features many great native apps that changed the way people experienced television. All of the default features and application tools that the Apple TV comes with are innovative and catchy but there are many more that Apple TV users cannot get.

It is not that the tools available on the iTunes or Apple store are bad; it is just that you have to pay for every one of it if you want it as a part of your home entertainment media center. The free options are much more attractive to users because even if they don’t like the free app they can delete it and move on to searching a different one more suitable for their needs. As the second generation of the Apple TV set is relatively new there are not many jail-breaking tools to work with.

Jailbreak For Free

However, there is hope as many users reviewed this one tool with the most positive marks. This software tool is available for everyone to download and install and with it to release the many possibilities your Apple TV set has to offer. It works fine on both Windows and Mac operating systems so you can use whatever computer you have at home to jailbreak your Apple media center. Your location is of no importance as well and you can use the Apple TV 2 jailbreak tool no matter where you live.

More About The Apple TV 2 Jailbreak

The second generation of the app TV has many new and improved features unlike the previous. You can watch movies, and video clips, sports games, concerts, TV shows, the news and everything else available on iTunes or o airplay. Whichever content is available on the airplay or iTunes you can watch it directly. There is no need to download or to install anything.

Another cool thing about the Apple TV is that you can control your media set with the Apple remote control or you can install the iTunes remote app if you don’t want to buy the remote control device. The best thing about the iTunes remote application is that you can also use it with all Apple devices, like your iPhone, your Apple watch or your iPad.

The only pre-required thing is that you have a WI-FI connection. The Apple TV set streams videos from YouTube, VEVO, Netflix and other online libraries. There are only certain movies and videos and series that you can watch on your Apple TV. And as for the apps, there are only certain apps that you can use as well. No matter how cool the Apple TV is there is still something missing and you just do something about it.

What Happens If You Decide To Jailbreak Apple TV 2

In this case scenario, you will have the whole online media library at your reach. You can browse different web pages and watch all the digital content there is. You can watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, not only those available on iTunes or airplay, you can download and install many cool apps that will allow you to record media content and play and open all file formats.

The options will be never-ending If you go for it and jailbreak you Apple TV 2 set. You can have what you had before, but now you can have much more. Namely, you can still use all those apps that where there before you decided to jailbreak your TV. You can still use the Apple remote application and still buy premium apps, tools, and movies via iTunes or the Apple store. Nothing will change for the worst, but on the contrary, you will gain complete and utter freedom about what it is that you want to watch?

Will The Jailbreak Apple TV 2 Process Harm Your Device

This is the question that stops many from going through with the process of unlocking. People fear the world itself because it sounds scary and illegal to them and they rather stay out of trouble than to have to deal with inconveniences. To answer one of the most frequent questions when it comes to this process: the jailbreak is not harmful at all nor it will ever be if you use an authorized tool to do so. Like any other software program, there can be bad copies that can harm your device.

But if you use the Apple TV 2 jailbreak tool then there is no room for anxiety. Thus, the jailbreak process cannot harm your computer as the jailbreak is simply a software program that connects to the iOS of your Apple TV and removes the restrictions set deliberately so you can watch contents approved and charged by the Apple inc. in that sense, and any other, the jailbreaking process is not harmful at all.

Step By Step Apple TV 2 Jailbreak Process

The process is simple and it is done in a few simple steps. The jailbreak is as basic as installing any other software program that you can download from the app store or the iTunes store.

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file on your computer and start the installation procedure.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes and when the installation is done, create an IPSW file. You will see this option when you open the Apple TV 2 jailbreak tool.
  4. Unzip the IPSW file on your computer.
  5. Find any Apple USB cable and connect your Apple TV with your computer. Leave the power off on your Apple TV and click the PLAY and pause buttons. To this for the next five to ten seconds and leave the Apple TV set reboot.
  6. The rebooting process is another self-controlled process and will stop as soon as the complete rebooting is done.
  7. After the rebooting is completed your Apple TV is official unrestricted which means that you successfully managed to jailbreak the best media asset in the entire world.

Jailbreak Options

No matter how impossible it sounds, many have made it and so can you. After all, you don’t have to make any purchases or make any payments. You don’t have to possess any special knowledge about this stuff as the process itself is done in a very short time.

You can even recommend it to your friends and help them jail-break their Apple TV as well. If you feel uncertain about anything that comes along during the jailbreak you can contact the service center and ask for guidance. The chances that you jailbreak your third-generation Apple TV are more than certain. You have nothing to lose if you try it out. The DEV TEAM- the team that developed this tool had in mind to make the process as available for everyone’s experience and knowledge. To start it you need any computer, no matter the brand model or the operative system, and a WI-FI connection.

What Happens After You Jailbreak Apple TV 2

After you manage to jailbreak your Apple media center you have all the entertainment opportunities in the world. You can open files of all formats and you can even gain access to the .mkv files. So you can download and install many free tools the coolest of which will be charged with you here.

  • You can download the KODI tool for free. If you haven’t heard of this tool this is a great time to get to know it. It is a software application tool that you can use to watch all sorts of digital data. The coolest thing about this tool is that you can use it to watch television. And set it to record certain programs when you will be out of the house.
  • Another great tool available only for the users who performed the jailbreak procedure is the ATV Flash app. With it, you can play all file types which normally was out of the question and near impossible. These file formats include the .fm format and the .mkv format.

Jailbreak Future

  • The XBMC application tool is another amazing acquisition of the free jailbreak process. This tool is especially useful if you have a massive library of digital data and more than one computer. Thanks to this tool you can have access to all that digital storage no matter what computer you use. This tool can also help you organize your information by size, data format, and priority. The free XBMC tool is also helpful when it comes to streaming your digital content. So there would not be any breaks and you can watch your movie with joy.
  • Connected to the XBMC tool is the Plex server which is another great thing about all Apple TV devices. If they are jailbroken. It helps the streaming process of many file formats. Guarantees satisfaction with the program you decide to watch.
  • The Bluecap application is available for you to use if you want to watch all the movies from the most popular TV channels. Here I will mention HBO, ABC, NBC, Syfy, THE CW and a lot more.
  • Finally, you can change your background layout and customize it according to your wishes and moods. You can set a colorful navigation menu layout or you can even try other settings and experiment with a lot of custom-made backgrounds for you. Remember, this will never be possible if you Apple TV has not undergone the process of jailbreak.


  • Have a free and safe tool to do it- the Apple TV 2 jailbreak tool.
  • Can do it in less than 10 minutes and no pre-knowledge is required.
  • It can gain access to many free tools and apps.
  • You can still use iTunes, the Apple store and all the other features as if your Apple TV was never jail-broken.
  • You can watch anything you like.
  • Play around with the layout of your amazing Apple media center.

Start your Apple TV 2 jailbreak process to use all benefits from this process on your device. Here you can solve this big problem for free without any problems. All you need to do is to download the jailbreak apple tv 2 tool. To follow the step by step guide from this page above.

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