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Atheros Driver Installation Program Guide That Is Universal

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The software company Qualcomm Atheros has developed an application. It’s known to you Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program. However, in this article, you will not read about how to install the Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program, but how to uninstall this application from your computer.

Atheros Driver Installation Program Information

When you install the Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program it sets you in the partition C of your computer, in particular at: Program Files (x86), under the folder titles as: Qualcomm Atheros folder, even though sometimes the location can be slightly different which depends on your decision while you perform the installation of this program.

If you are looking for the exact location in case of intended uninstall then you should search for C:\ Program Files (x86) UnstallShiled Installation Information \ {C3A32068-8AB1-4327-BB16-BED9C6219DC7}\ setup.exe. The executable file of the Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program is AWiCDiag. exe file and it is exactly 712 kb in size or 729088 bytes.

The executable file, mentioned above, – AWiCDiag. exe file applies for the 10.0 version of the Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program.

How to easily uninstall the Qualcomm

The option is given in the text previously may not always work as it requires some knowledge. In the area of computers and technology. You can easily make a cardinal mistake and make matters worse. We all have little time to spare, especially on a thing like this, so we all are in the eternal search for simplicity and promptness.

If this is you too then undoubtedly you would wish to know the quickest way to uninstall Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program. The shortcut to the uninstall process is a simple program known under the title Advanced Uninstaller PRO. This is what needs to be done to secure your success with the uninstalling process:

Program Instruction As A Result Of

  1. First of all, you must download and install the ADVANCED UNINSTALLER PRO. The tool will not only be great to uninstall Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program, but it will also be of great use for you when it comes to cleaning your Windows operative system. To save you time, here is the link from where you can get the Advanced Uninstaller PRO:
  2. Press the DOWNLOAD button and next, perform a setup on the Advanced Uninstaller PRO.
  3. When the download is over and completes just hit RUN.
  4. Check out the layout. The design to familiarize yourself with it. Spot the General Tools Button. Then click on it.
  5. In the submenu, you will notice- Uninstall Program Tool. If you are 100 % certain that this is what you want just click on that option.
  6. Before you will appear all installed programs on your computer. You can choose and pick which one you would want to be uninstalled.
  7. When you come to the title” Qualcomm Atheros Driver Installation Program” click on it. Wait for the app info to appear. Some of the information you should expect contain star rating. Represents the user’s rating of the app. It can be extremely useful if you are having any second thoughts. You will also find users’’ reviews of the app. Some details about the app. You will be able to gain access to their opinions.
  8. Click on UNINSTALL. This is never a bad idea so you might click NEXT to get the cleanup of your Windows System.

Here you have the best solutions. How to complete the Atheros Driver Installation Program. How to complete the Atheros Driver Uninstallation Program.


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