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How To Change IMEI Number For Free by IMEI Changer APK Tool

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This is one of the best IMEI Changer Software Tool who works on iOS and Android Devices, accepting the news Samsung and iPhone models. One of the most recognizable applications currently is the new Official tool for IMEI change.

Unique ever since its release, this app will enable you to alter the IMEI number of your smartphone directly from the database register. The development of this tool took over 2 years and since it has been completed, it has completely reshaped the way we use our locked smartphones. Due to the high number of smartphones that require a new IMEI number that will unlock them and remove all the imposed restrictions, we believe that the IMEI changer tool is the best choice for you.

IMEI Changer

Advantages which come with IMEI Changer Tool

This particular service has plenty of benefits. Due to this unique piece of software, once the IMEI change process is conducted, it will be possible to use any smartphone, regardless of whether it was previously reported as stolen or lost. Another great advantage that comes along with the IMEI change of the smartphone is the complete factory unlock of the cell phone. Knowing that the IMEI code is used to impose network lock and restrictions, once you alter this 15 digit number, the smartphone will be fully unlocked and the user will be able to utilize it on different network carriers.

After the IMEI change procedure takes place and is completed, the phone which was previously locked to some network carrier will work with different SIM cards. 

Need Current IMEI number to use the IMEI Changer tool?

Before you can use the IMEI changer you ought to know the current IMEI number of your smartphone. One of the simplest methods to find this code is to dial the number *#06#. After several seconds a new window will pop-up on your smartphone and it will indicate the IMEI number of the device. Once you have written this number down, you can begin the IMEI code changing procedure.

APK service To Change IMEI Number

The is IMEI Changer APK service which can change the IMEI code of your smartphone. It is an online generator and calculator at the same time. The application works based on which it calculates the old IMEI number. Then generates simultaneously a new one for your device. The application is capable of calculating all places in which the old IMEI number of your smartphone has been used and registered, and makes changes to completely remove and replace the code with the newly generated one. To get the APK IMEI Changer tool for android devices only.

  • Once the change of the code in the database is conducted, you ought not to worry about potential future problems.
  • This is a genuine service that will take care of your smartphone issues, so feel free to use it as soon as possible.
  • This application will read the information on your device thanks to the IMEI number. To use the application, you must first connect the smartphone to a computer on which you will install the app, using a USB cable.
  • Bellow, we have a complete tutorial on how to make the change.
  • Before we start, remember that this is a free service and for now there is no to pay for it.

List of supported Cell Phone Models

Below you can see the supported models on which you can change the IMEI code

  • iPhone, iPad, Apple MAC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Nokia, Microsoft
  • HTC, ZTE, Blackberry, Kyocera, Lenovo, Alcatel, Motorola, ASUS, Xiaomi
  • Micromax, Acer, Toshiba

Instructions on how to Change IMEI Number

To successfully change the IMEI code of your smartphone, use the online generator tool. Generator which you can find on our website. The service is free. This is a video guide on how to change IMEI Code on your Android Device:

So if you already know the current IMEI code of your device, follow the instructions below:

  • Use the USB cable and connect your smartphone and computer
  • Start the IMEI Apk changer application
  • Once the program’s interface is shown, select the model of your smartphone from the provided list
  • Press on the button “Generate”
  • Comply with our terms of service and press on the button “Start”
  • Wait several seconds while the human verification process takes place
  • Once you pass the verification step, the new IMEI code will be created and will be shown in a new window
  • Disconnect the smartphone from the computer.
  • Try to dial the number *#06# to see if the new IMEI number. It was was successfully changed 

The IMEI number was changed

How To Change IMEI Number

Once the old IMEI code is replaced with a new one, you can use the smartphone with ease. It won’t matter whether the device was previously reported as stolen or lost. Thanks to this IMEI changer Apk tool you now have the chance to switch to a better carrier plan. Use your device as fully unlocked on the factory level.

Of course, the aim of this application is not to encourage using compromised devices, but to use the smartphone on different network carriers without having to wait for the contract to expire. On top of that, there are many cases where a new smartphone is being locked due to various reasons, and we believe that the IMEI Number Changer will help you overcome this issue.

All in all, we believe that by using this particular service you will be able to save some money.  Save on your budget by changing the cellular plan. On top of that, once the device is factory unlocked, you will be able to resell the device. You will get much higher price.

Do not concern yourself about the legitimacy of this tool. It is safe for use. It is not required to use unverified applications from unreliable websites. The servers are secure. You will be conducting the procedure incognito.

You have questions related to the IMEI changer tool? Feel free to contact us.

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