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Convert An Android Phone Into A Media Player

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This post is about how to convert an Android phone into a media player. Here you will find all answers to complete the process to convert an Android phone into a media player easily. This article demonstrates how to convert an Android phone into a car’s entertainment center, allowing you to listen to music and movies while also receiving turn-by-turn navigation over your car’s speakers.

Convert An Android Phone Into A Media Player

This method worked on the HTC Dream (G1), one of the first Android phones, and it should work on many others as well.

What You’ll Require

  • An outdated Android phone that you don’t use anymore to complete this project
  • An ELM 327 scan tool with Bluetooth or unlock WiFi.
  • A head unit with an aux input or an FM modulator or transmitter.
  • A phone mount that keeps your phone in place.
  • An app with an OBD-II interface.
  • Apps for navigation and enjoyment.

How To Convert An Android Phone Into A Media Player

Follow these steps to link your Android phone to your car once you’ve acquired your items. In your vehicle, look for the ODB-II connector. The majority of OBD-II connectors are easy to find. The connector must be within two feet of the steering wheel, according to the standards, and most are. The first place to search is beneath the dash, either to the left or right of the steering wheel. The connector may be located directly upfront or towards the firewall.

Connect the ODB-II interface to the computer. You may need to purchase a low-profile interface device if the connector is in an uncomfortable location. Many connectors are located near the driver’s knees or legs, so a long interface device may get in the way.

If you’re worried about accidentally harming your OBD-II connector by kicking the device while getting in and out of the car, a low-profile gadget is a way to go. Install the Android user interface. There are a lot of OBD-II interface apps out there, so you should be able to find one that works with your hardware and Android version. Torque is a popular alternative with a free “lite” version that may be used to test your system.

Convert An Android Phone Into A Media Player In Car

You might also wish to try out a free version to make sure the software works on your phone and connects to your ELM 327 device. Unfortunately, even if an app indicates it will run on your phone in the Google Play store, it may refuse to pair with your scanner.

Steps Guide

Connect your smartphone to the ELM 327 scanner. You’ll need to pair your Bluetooth interface device with your phone if you’re using one. When pairing fails, it usually indicates a problem with the interface device. You may need to purchase a new device in such a situation.

You’ll be able to get all sorts of crucial information from your vehicle’s onboard computer once you’ve synced your Android to your scanner.

Set up your auxiliary cable or FM transmitter. If your head unit has an auxiliary input, you can utilize that interface to play music from your Android phone. However, you may achieve the same results with a low-cost FM transmitter or an FM modulator. If your head unit has one, you can also connect it through USB.
Many Bluetooth vehicle kits include this basic capability, and if your Android phone still has an active voice plan, you may be able to use it for hands-free calling.

Android Phone Model

Install other applications. You may turn your phone into a proper entertainment system if it has an active data connection or a mobile hotspot. You may then utilize the OBD-II interface to monitor your vehicle, play music, use free GPS navigation software for turn-by-turn directions, and a variety of other features through other apps.

The finished result won’t quite equal the functionality of a brand-new OEM infotainment system, but it’ll get close without breaking the bank. Now you know how to convert an Android phone into a media player in any car model!

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