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Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator Can Bring You A Lot of Points

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On this page, you can get Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator software that can help you to get free codes for any Xbox on your account. Playing games never gets old and people from all generations play them all the time. The younger generations of game players are all familiar with the Xbox game consoles and how to advance through levels. Unfortunately, many of the online games have in-app purchases.

For the Xbox games, in particular, one has to earn or buy cold coins to move in an upward direction in terms of levels. If you are a parent who doesn’t want their child to spend money on in-game purchases or if you are an adult who thinks that buying cold coins is not on their shopping list, then you will be glad to learn that there is a way to generate these gold coins that are so important in the Xbox games.

Free Microsoft Points Codes

You can now freely move levels without waiting for the coins to accumulate by themselves or pay for them. Now, you can download the free Free Microsoft Codes Generator for Xbox which can be the source of all the Xbox coins you need.

More about Xbox Consoles And Versions

Xbox is a brand of video games introduced to the public in 2001 by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft produced not only one but three gaming consoles in the spam of a few years. The brand became so popular that soon after its initialization in 2001 it became a household name like PlayStation and Nintendo before it.

The first gaming console that Microsoft released was named Xbox. The number of sold units during 2001 of Xbox was 24 million.

A few years after the initial success Microsoft Corporation decided that it was time for an upgrade so in 2005 Xbox 360 was placed on the market. Quickly Xbox 360 became the ultimate gaming console that everyone should have in their home. The number of sold Xbox 360 units was almost triple the number of Xboxes sold from the first console, in other words, the total amount of sold Xbox 360 units was 77 million.

The last gaming console by Microsoft was introduced in 2013 under the name Xbox one. The three gaming consoles belong to the 6th, 7th, and 8th gaming generations respectively. However, Xbox succeeded in surpassing its rivals and was soon the most popular gaming brand in the world. Playing the Xbox games people got the chance to interactively build their fantasy worlds and have the time of their lives while doing so.

But to enhance the experience that Xbox offered there were gold coins introduced in the games. Xbox players collect the gold coins while playing the game and use them to buy additional items that can help them progress through levels. Sometimes players would rather find an online site and pay for the coins in cash. When you play some of the Xbox live games then you need to live gold too.


Once you are a member of this community you will see for yourself how beneficial this subscription was for you. You will be able to watch HD TV shows and movies, live sports events, concerts and everything else that you would normally pay for.

Now you have got all that for free and even more.
The tool processes the info it has on you about what kind of a player you are what level you are at, what are your preferences while playing, and matches you to the person that has the closest playing habits as you.

You will longer have to wait impatiently in the so-called lobbies of the game. Now you can instantly have the perfect fellow player to share your gaming experience with. And let’s not forget, if you even need a break of playing you can switch to the other free services like watching music videos, TV shows, sports games, talking on Skype and so on.

Microsoft Codes

How To Download And Install The Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator Tool

Downloading and installing this tool is very simple and quick. It is not different from installing any other tool of the app to your computer. Go to the link, either on this page or on the official page, and click download.

Wait for a couple of minutes for the downloading process to complete. When you have your free live gold code you can enter it to get your free gold.

You can get as much gold as you need every day. You can play your games non-stop and always be a step or two ahead of your fellow- players. Hundreds of them have been trying to find the tool that produces live gold coins but they were not as lucky as you.

This is your chance to pick and choose the players you enjoy playing with.

You have complete freedom when it comes to using the Free Microsoft Codes Generator Tool. So you can install it on any computer device that you have at your home and from any web browser that is most suitable for you. You can generate codes one time during 24 hours from one IP address which is more than enough for a day full of playing games. This tool will find it very easy if you search on

How To Generate Free Microsoft Points Codes Whit This Generator

But we will help you understand the generating process here, in the simplest manner. First, open any browser of your computer, laptop or tablet. Go to the Free Microsoft Points Generator’s official web page. Subscribe to the page for free to be able to gain access to some hidden options there.

In a notification, you will see a live code that, according to me, it is best to write down. Go to the Live code website and click the “redeem code” button. Here you must enter the code you got a moment ago. When this step is over then you will receive another code which is THE code for the Xbox.

How Much Time Is Necessary For The Microsoft Points Codes To Be Generated

The process is simple and hence it has to be quick. The first time you try generating codes may take you up to five minutes but that’s only because the process hasn’t become a routine yet. After that, the maximum amount of time you will be spending on generating Live Codes with the Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator Tool will be no more than two minutes. Spare two minutes and you will have Live Gold to last you for a whole day.

What Are The Other Potential Advantages Of Installing The Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator Tool

Once you have this tool on your computer you can use it for other purposes as well. For example, you will be able to purchase (without paying) Xbox Live Membership, for which other gamers pay a lot. The membership, on the other hand, opens up a whole set of new options and opportunities in the Xbox game-playing.

On their live platform, you have your favorite games and your Xbox fellow has them too. If you like one of the games on his platform you can freely play it and vice versa. You can have all this and more for only one survey and a share of the link of the tool. It is a bargain for both, you and your friends.

The other benefits come with enough cold collected and you can buy Gold membership too. Install the Free Microsoft Points Codes Generator Tool and share the fun with your friends as soon as possible.