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Free SMS Text Messages Code Generator For Every Cell Phone Model

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Do you want to send free SMS text messages whit your cell phone? Yes? Well, this is the right page for you. Today We will present you with the latest software free SMS text messages code generator tool that can help you to solve the problem whit messages free sending. Now you do not need to share some web pages to send 5 or 10 messages for free in a single day. Whit this new code generator you can messages how much you want it for free. This software can block counter on your network provider so you can send it for free.

Gode generator for free message sending is an application that you need to install on your cell phone. Incredible but this amazing tool software can be installed on any cell phone that has IMEI number ( The tool asks the IMEI number in the install procedure), which also works on any cell phone carrier. Bellow, you can download also the free messages code generator software for free. After the downloading process follows the install procedure to complete it successfully on your cell phone.

Free Text SMS Messages


This tool you will find it very easy if you search our download web page. You can use the tool on your cell phone or your PC but We recommend you to use it directly on your cell phone device.

Free SMS Text Messages Install Procedure

  1. Download the code generator application,
  2. To start the application on your cell phone,
  3. Then choose your type cell phone,
  4. As a result of that put your IMEI number in the application window,
  5. Then click INSTALL
  6. Finally, start sending Free SMS Text Messages from your cell phone.


  1. As a result, you will never pay for sending SMS messages
  2. Then you can send free messages without any limits
  3. Also, you can send messages on any cell phone in the world
  4. Finally, you can send SMS text messages for free on any carrier
  5. You can send it to any country in the world

Suported Cell Phones

Nokia Free SMS



Huawei Free SMS


iPhone Free SMS

Blackberry Free SMS

Alcatel Free SMS

Motorola Free SMS

Samsung Free SMS

The free messages code generator works on any carrier in the world, so if you are SMS messages sending maniac 🙂 don’t think twice to install the generator on your cell phone. Don’t pay for SMS text messages anymore!