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How To Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature For Free

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All the Cell Phone users will receive activate WhatsApp calling feature on the most popular messaging app in the world- WhatsApp which has more than 700 million monthly active users.

This feature was released a while ago but at the beginning, it was available only to a handful of users. Still, now thanks to the new updates, all of the WhatsApp users will be able to make WhatsApp calling for free by an app on any cell phones.

Activate WhatsApp Calling For Free

You do not have an Android device. Then to use this feature you will have to wait a bit. However, if you have an Android device but you have not activated the WhatsApp calling app. You can follow the short procedure on how to do it. The instructions do not enable you to the WhatsApp feature. That will be because the WhatsApp most likely has temporarily paused. The rollout and you should try once again after a while.

If you want to active the WhatsApp free calling, please note that the entire procedure is not as easy as updating WhatsApp. It takes a few more steps which you will need to follow. Everything is explained below, so please take a look at them and see how to enable the WhatsApp calling App for Android users.

  • First of all, get the latest WhatsApp version for Android. Currently, the newest version described on the WhatsApp website is 2.12.14, but if you have chosen to get it from Google Play, make sure that you have on your device the 2.11.561 version. Older than these versions will not be compatible with the WhatsApp calling feature for all users.
  • You have installed the newest WhatsApp on your Android device. Ask someone to try making a WhatsApp call to your phone number.
  • Several users have stated that giving a missed calling does not function.

Have you already enabled WhatsApp calling feature on your Android device? How does it work? Please let us know by posting in the comment section. For the latest news for WhatsApp stay connect to our social networks.