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How To Check If The Phone Is Unlocked Without A SIM Card

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If you decide to buy a used cell phone then you may need knowledge of how to check if the phone is unlocked without a SIM card. This can be very important because if you don’t test the phone you may have very serious problems.

Locked Or Unlocked

Let say that you will buy a mobile phone that is locked by the first carrier that sold the device in the first place. Then you can’t use another SIM card from another carrier. In this case, you need to change your carrier or to unlock the cell phone using payable services or online generators. You can read a lot about this type of solution on our website about unlocking tools. If you already have this problem then use the search box in the right corner where you need to write your cell phone brand and model. Then hit “enter” and you will get some extra information on how to get your phone’s unlock code combination.

If you don’t buy the phone already then you still have the chance to avoid the problem. Below in this text, you will learn:

How To Check If The Phone Is Unlocked Without A SIM

The easiest method to check if the cell phone (no meter if you test iPhone, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Blackberry, HTC, or some other cell phone brand) is to use SIM cards. The method is 100% sure if you have at least two SIM cards from different network providers.

Let say that the phone’s owner wants to sell a cell phone that is locked to T Mobile. Then if you have two different SIM cards from T Mobile and Vodafone you can check it and be sure that the device is locked or unlocked. Turn down the device and insert one SIM card. If you can make a call then the cell phone is unlocked. Repeat the procedure with the second SIM card. If everything is ok then you have an unlocked device in front of you. You can buy that device without any doubts about its working possibilities.

How To Check If The Phone Is Unlocked Without SIM

You can check if the phone is unlocked without a SIM card only if you use some online IMEI checker. Here we will give you information about a free method to check. Many websites will charge you some amount of money for this service. The price is between one and two dollars or euros but why spending money when you have a free solution right?

Follow the steps below to complete free checking process:

Steps For Free Check

To use the free check service you must know the IMEI number on the phone device. Therefore dial *#06# and you will get the phone’s IMEI number combination on its screen. After that go through the following steps:

  1. Visit,
  2. On the first page, you have an empty field called “IMEI”,
  3. Click in the empty field,
  4. Enter the IMEI number,
  5. At the right-click the button “CHECK”.

Once you complete the five steps above you will be redirected to a new window where you need to confirm that you are not a robot. Security check that you will pass if you select the “I’m not a robot” option and hit the “I’m not a robot” button. After this you will be redirected to a page that contains the following information about your cell phone:

Check If iPhone Is Unlocked Without SIM
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacture date
  • Country
  • Carrier
  • Lock Status

You can try other sources on the internet about this information but our opinion is that this is the best method to check if the phone is unlocked without a SIM card or with SIM-card!

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