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How To Delete Music From iPhone Using Simple Guide

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In this post, I will try to guide you and explain three easy ways on how to delete music from iPhone to free up space so you can add different music, games or videos. I believe that these methods the users of 8 GB iPhone will find it the most useful. Even though iPhone devices come with a vast amount of storage capacity still nowadays having enough free space can be quite the problem because we have access to all kinds of files.

How To Delete Music From iPhone

The method which I will explain and recommend is simple as well as easy and I believe you will have no problems at all.


You will notice a list of apps and data on the stored files.

Among the apps search and find the Music app and check all the space the music albums are taking up. Now on the top right, you will notice the Edit button. Select this button and you will see the red circles on the content. Now just tap the one which is besides “All Songs’ and you will delete all Music.

In this way, you will delete only the selected group of albums.

Delete Music From iPhone

If you do not want to delete music from iPhone at once then why not do it one at a time. You can choose to keep the ones you like with this simple method.

If you want to delete music one album then to get started first you will have to change the settings in order not to confuse things. Just navigate to Settings-Music-Shown All Music and slide the button to the left to disable it.

Via iTunes

You have probably heard of this solution. It is meant for people who are a bit more patient and who do not mind to connect their iPhone with their computers.

Once you have selected you will notice that many artists, albums and playlists are displayed on the central pane.

How To Delete Music From iPhone By Tool

This tool will find it very easy if you search on Find the best result.

Also, you can add, export or import music to your iPhone with just a few simple clicks. We hope that our guide help you.