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How To Find My Phone If It Lost For Free Using This Full Guide

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Have you ever felt the sickness in your stomach because you could not find my phone? Perhaps you have gotten a completely new and expensive Smartphone and have brought it with you on your weekend trip.

However, at some point, you have realized that your phone is missing. Most of us have been in a similar situation and we all know how hard is to cope with it. Unfortunately, it can happen to anybody at any time and any place, however, even if it does happen that does not mean that you cannot do something about it.

Find My iPhone

If you are careful about your phone, you have probably already made a backup of your contact list and you are prepared in case something happens to your device. However, before you go and buy a new phone, there are some things you can try. Most of the modern Smartphones come with built-in tracking features that will enable you to find the device when it’s not with you. In this case, have one option by phone number tracker software to find my phone if is still active. But it is turned off your device the please follow this guide below:

Find My Phone Instructions for IOS devices-iPhone

One of the best security features is, of course, Apple’s Find my iPhone. This service can help you track down any iPhone’s physical location in a moment. However, to make use of this feature it first must be enabled. If by any chance when you have lost your iPhone this feature was on, then you will not have problems locating it.

  • And it may not be so bad idea to enable it just to make sure:
  • Go to your iPhone Settings – iCloud – Find my iPhone
  • Now swipe the switch right next to Find my iPhone to ON position.

By enabling this service, you will be able to track your iOS device using an app or different iPhone /iPad, or by simply using a browser.

Here is how to do it:

  • First of all download the Find my iPhone app on your Apple device
  • Sign in to iCloud- use the iCloud account which you are using on the device you want to locate.
  • Once you sign in, all the devices which are signed in to that particular iCloud account will be shown in the app.
  • Press on any device to see its exact location
  • If you have lost your iPhone, this app will help you find it, however, there are some extra useful options within the app, which may come in hand too.
  • At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons: Lost Mode, Erase iPhone/iPad and Play Sound.

If you use Lost Mode, a page will be opened in which you will be asked to set a 4 digit password to lock your iOS device, in case it does not have one. However, if your device already has password protection, then you can use this Lost Mode button to lock it remotely, to prevent other people from accessing it. You can also enter a phone number or a message that will be shown on the phone screen and which may help you get your device back.


Erase iPhone/iPad button will wipe out the entire data on the iOS device. This is the ultimate solution and if you are worried that some important data may fall into the wrong hands you can use it. However, remember that you will be unable to use the Find my iPhone feature to physically locate the device once you use the Erase iPhone feature. Play Sound button enables you to add a loud alarm tone to which will help you find your device if it is nearby.

All of these features can be accessed through Web browsers as well. You just need to sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. The rest of the steps are the same.

Find My Phone Instructions for Android devices

Android also has one highly effective defensive mechanism- The Android Device Manager. This feature works in a way similar to Find my Phone. You can use the Device Manager directly on the internet, or you can download the app and use it on another Android device. The tracking mode is enabled by default. Here is how to use it:

  • Open Android Device Manager
  • Sign-in into your Google Account—must be the same as the one on the missing phone
  • You will see now your Android device shown on the top left
  • If the device shown on the list is not the one looking for, then click on the small down arrow which is right next to the device name and from the list select the correct device.

The location of your device will be shown in this way. Still, just like with Find my iPhone feature, with Android Device manager you to have three options to choose from: Lock, Ring and Erase.

If you have lost your phone, press Lock. A new pop-up will show. Enter a new password there and press Confirm. It is also possible to enter a recovery message as well as your phone numbers. They will be shown on the lost device.


Once you are done, press Lock to lock the device remotely.

To find the location of the device, press on the GPS icon which is in the right corner of the box, right next to the pencil icon. For this feature to work, you need to enable the location access on your Android device. After this, the lost device can only be unlocked only with the password you just set.

If you Press Ring your device will start ringing. This is a useful feature if you are trying to find the phone if you suspect it is nearby.

With the Erase Button, you can factory reset your phone. This is the final option and you should do it only in case you think there is no way you can retrieve your phone. Once you click on Erase, just like with Find my Phone on iOS, the Android Device Manager will also not work.

Your Android device can also be tracked by using the Android Device Manager app. Just log in to the same Google account on your computer as the one which is on the lost device and follow the same instructions on how to find a lost phone for free.

Instructions for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 also offers a very effective security feature called Blackberry Protect. By default, this feature is disabled so if you want to use it you first must enable it. All along with its tracking service. So, in case you want to make sure that you will safely track down the device in case you lost it, then it is recommended that you enable this service now.

  • Navigate to Settings – Blackberry Protect
  • Swipe the Blackberry Protect switch to On position
  • Press on Location Services
  • Swipe the Location Services switch to On position
  • Press Back to save the changes made
  • If you have lost your Blackberry 10, then follow these steps to find it:
  • Log onto the Blackberry Protect website
  • Choose View Location

Go Trough

If the service can locate your phone, then the location will be shown on a map Blackberry Protect also offers you the three options: Play sound/Lock Device and Erase. By enabling Play Sound, your phone will ring loudly and this is an effective feature when trying to find where you have left your phone.

You can also enable Display a Message which will show a custom message on the screen of the device. Only in case it gets locked. By choosing to Lock the device you will be prompted to add a new password. The phone will be locked. With Wipe Device your Blackberry 10 will be factory reset. You will not be able to track your device again.

Instructions for Windows Phone

Just like with the other devices, Windows Phone owners to need to enable the Find my Phone feature first. So make sure that you do this while you still have your device with you.

  • Go to Settings – Find my Phone
  • Mark “Use Push Notifications” and “Save my Phone’s Location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find”.
  • Open Settings Location and swipe the switch to ON position

After you enable this feature, you can use either a computer browser or another device to locate your phone.

To find a lost Windows phone do this:

Impotrant Points

  • Go to the Windows Phone official website and sign in with your Microsoft account (the same with which you are signed into your lost phone)
  • Your Windows Phone device will now be shown at the top.
  • Press on Find my Phone to see the location of the device
  • If you have not enabled Use Push notifications which I have explained in the previous steps, Microsoft will prompt you to set up SMS alerts.
  • If you choose to set SMS alerts, then enter your phone number and click on the Checkbox and Click Done.
  • By pressing on Find my Phone (above the map) will show you the location of the device on the map.
  • In case you have found the phone on the map, just like with the other platforms, you can carry out several functions.
  • You can make your Phone ring so you can easily locate it if it’s nearby.
  • By choosing Lock, you will be asked to set a new password and your phone will be locked.
  • And with Erase, you will factory reset your device, but you will also be unable to track it afterward.

Did you find our tutorial useful? Did you manage to find my phone using our instructions? Let us know in the comment section.

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