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How To Get Cheap Xbox One Games For The Best Online Store

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If you live in India you probably know that the prices of Cheap Xbox One Games there is way too high. This is a fact with which even Microsoft agrees, however for early adopters, the current digital deals took the blow of the pricing of the Xbox games.

During the first year of Cheap Xbox One in India, many digital deals were made. Practically made the high cost of the internet worth the price of admission. The situation now is getting worse.

The digital games now cost a lot more. In many cases, they even cost double the price from one year ago. This and the fact that in some regions such as Canada or Hong Kong have far better price points for the games. Also, there are some games from the USA that are not even available for sale in India makes the buying and playing Cheap Xbox One Games in India difficult.

For instance – “Elite”-Dangerous was made available in India after it was out of Microsoft’s Early Access program. It is now possible to bypass these problems by buying games from different regions and you can get them for cheaper prices. In this short guide, I will tell you some useful tips on how to get cheap digital games.

We on this guide have very useful information on how to get free Xbox live from any country in the world. Our guide step by step will explain to you. Know how to change your account country. Get for cheap Xbox live games. Bellow will explain in short steps how to do.

Cheap Xbox One Games

The entire guide consists of two parts:

  1. How to change the location of your Xbox One
  2. Buy Cheap Xbox One from the right places

How to Change the location to get Cheap Xbox One

  • Right before you change the location of your Xbox One console you need to know which regions offer the best game prices
  1. Now go to “Settings” à Select “System” and choose “System”à” Language and Location”
  2. Now it is up to you to select the best location. Some regions like Singapore, Canada or Hong Kong have way better prices for the Xbox One games mostly thanks to the bad Dollar-Rupee relationship.
  3. Once you have selected the location of your Xbox, you will be asked to reboot it. Once the reboot is complete, the store will show you prices from the region. The one which you have chosen. The price will also be in the local currency of that region.


  1. After you have changed your location to the USA, just go to and create an account
  2. To buy games from Amazon it will be required to provide a valid US shipping address. To do this you can use US Landmarks to provide a random address or if you are a user of global shipping services such as ShopAndShip or Borderline you can use the US address provided from them as your legitimate shipping address.
  3. Now go to Amazon and navigate to the Xbox Section of digital games. You can purchase the games with your Indian debit and credit cards without a problem as long as you have saved a valid US address. The codes for the games will be sent to you immediately. They are a string of numbers and they cannot be shipped. You can claim the code on your console using the store section or you can do it from your browser.
  4. If you have chosen other region than the US, you can obtain prepaid cards thru Play Asia for regions like UK, Canada, Singapore or Hong Kong and you can use your home India address without a problem. And again you will get a code that will work perfectly fine on your Xbox One games cheap.

You want to return to a previous region? You can always do it by simply altering it in the menu of the Xbox One. From personal experience, I claim that everything which I have bought from the US store on my Xbox One worked perfectly fine. Then I have switched my location back to India. So relax and enjoy gaming with no worries. You now will get any cheap Xbox one games from any place in the world. The prices will be at any time cheap.