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How To Jailbreak iPhone For Free By Online Jailbreak Tool

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We are here again to help you how to jailbreak the iPhone for free using your computer and the jailbreak software from our page. We will offer you our latest revolutionary jailbreak solution service tool available for free downloading on this page bellow. So we called our software UNIVERSAL JAILBREAK TOOL. This software solution for how to jailbreak the iPhone device is a universal service for all Apple’s iPhone models and iOS versions.

How To Jailbreak iPhone

Information How To Jailbreak iPhone

The tool has the advantage of being capable to jailbreak any Apple device. So no matter which model is your Apple device you can use our latest jailbreak software to solve this problem. Jailbreaking iPhone was never been so easy. You will jailbreak your Apple devices in the next ten minutes in three easy simple steps. On this page, you have all that you need to complete the iPhone jailbreaking procedure for free. To jailbreak your Apple device whit this software you need to download it on your PC, install it on your device and complete the step by step jailbreak procedure. Bellow, you can download the software. Also, you can read bellow about step by step jailbreaking process that you need to make it on your device.

Support Models



How to jailbreak iPhone 4














How to jailbreak any future iPhone model

Finally the Apple security about jailbreaking been solved so now you don’t need individual jailbreak software for any different iOS versions. Using this great innovation software you can solve any issue for the problem no mather Apple’s model. The universal jailbreak tool can generate the latest jailbreak software on your computer only for your iPhone model and iOS version.

So if you want to complete the process whit this revolutionary universal jailbreak tool you must fill your iPhone’s information in the jailbreak iPhone process that you must complete it. It is very simple as when you start the universal jailbreak tool on your computer you will fill your iPhone model and iOS version in the empty columns in the tool’s window that you will get on your screen. The tool will use the jailbreak software for your device in the jailbreaking process. You must fill in this information about your device careful if you want the procedure to be successfully made.

How To Download

The jailbreak iPhone software can be downloaded on any computer, cell phone, laptop or tablet but the jailbreak process you must complete it whit your PC and the device that you want to jailbreak it connected to your PC via USB cable. The software tool can be downloaded on any windows, mac, android or iOS version that your device uses it at the downloading moment. Just for example if you download the tool on your cell phone you must first transfer it on your computer. When you will have it on your PC then you can start whit step by step free procedure that you can find it bellow.

How To Jailbreak iPhone Procedure

  1. So download the universal jailbreak iPhone tool
  2. Then open the file on your computer
  3. As a result, fill your Apple’s device information ( iPhone model and iOS version )
  4. Then click Run button
  5. Then you will get new window whit jailbreak software for your model only
  6. Also, connect your device whit your PC via USB cable
  7. Then wait about two-three minutes. When the light in the left corner will become green you can continue whit your jailbreak iPhone process
  8. Finally, at the bottom of this window click on the JAILBREAK button
  9. You just successfully complete the jailbreak iPhone procedure


  • This software works on any iPhone model and iOS version
  • You can download the tool on your computer for free
  • It is very easy and simple to use the tool
  • Also, you can download it on any device
  • Works for any carrier in the world
  • Finally the tool cant damage any function on your Apple device as it is 100 % safe

Now there is no need to learn another method of how to jailbreak the iPhone issue problem. If you use the universal jailbreak tool you are about to solve this jailbreak iPhone problem very fast and easy.

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