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How To Share PS4 Games Via PSN To Your Friends

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PC and Xbox One gamers know that it is possible to share ps4 games that you play with your family and friends. This is a very useful thing knowing that the number of games which are available digitally is constantly increasing. But, the Playstation 4 (PS4) is not lagging far behind either and it also allows the option of sharing your PS4 games.

Playstation made some stellar deals back in 2015 on the PS Network like the Playstation Store Play 2015 and routine flash sales. In this manner, purchasing digital copies of your favorite game is becoming a standard procedure. Now, even though it is much easier to share a physical game by just handing over a disc copy of the game, thanks to some new policies it is also easy to share your downloaded digital games too.

In order to share your downloaded games on the PS4, it is only required to activate it as your primary console. Follow these instructions to do it:

How To Share PS4 Games

  • To login to your PSN account from your PS4
  • Than select PSN and select Activate as your Primary PS4
  • Also press Deactivate

Note that you will be able to login to your PS4 account and play your digital games. But you will need an internet connection so the games you play can be verified via PSN. If you like to get PS4 games, we suggest you to use free PSN codes to order any from the store. This is a short guide but very useful.

The next step to make sharing your digital games possible. Login to PSN on your friend or family member Playstation 4:

  • So select PSN and select Activate as your Primary PS4
  • Than press Activate

In this way, you will set the share PS4 games. Of your friend as your primary PS4 and he will be able to play all of your games. In this way sharing a game is possible. Your downloads will also be seen in their PS4. They will not need to use your account. To play your games or to use your PS + Subscription. It is simple and easy. Give it a try.

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