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How To Unlock Any Door Locks Tutorials

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On this page, you will find the best guides on how to unlock any door without a key. Here you have all the information on how to unlock a door lock whit the best door lock types. A fine door lock is something that every household strives for.

The moment you feel threatened or afraid you run towards the door to check if your door is locked. Even though door locks don’t always provide the maximum security, in our minds we should have a good lock on our doors. You go to the locksmith shops and you get the best one, the most expensive one.

How To Unlock Any Door Methods

As you already know even the best doors don’t come with a few flows and it can happen, sometimes rather frequently, that the locking and unlocking are difficult and don’t go with ease as it should. Often too, you can lock yourself out and the spare key is nowhere in your near. In cases like these, we rely on various methods, one of which could be picking your door. No matter how easy does this operation looks at films, trust me, the reality is a whole different story. It needs a lot of practice, skills, and patience to perform this sort of break-in entry.

Still, if you are not the brilliant lock-picker and you don’t want to try that, other methods can help you in the event of a lockout. A few of the handy methods that you can resort to if you have lock-situations are listed here:

Bumping Method To Open Door Locks

This method is one of the simplest techniques to open a locked door. To bump open a door is a method you should use only if the locked door in question hasn’t been opened for a long while and only if the lock is rusted. This can frequently happen with storage units’ locks, cottages you rarely go to, long-forgotten family house, etc. If the lock you want to open by bumping is older one, then be careful not to destroy it during the process. Bumping a lock can be harmful especially if the quality of the door lock is not top.

Connected with the bump- entering your home is the bump key. It is safer to acquire a bum key then to perform an actual lock bump. These sorts of keys are not made on a regular basis, for the obvious reasons, so you can order it online or make one yourself with a special lock-tools kit. Bear in mind, however, that any key that can enter the lock can be transformed into a bumpy by filling each and every cut of the inside mechanism of the lock. There are two types of door locks: pin and tumbler.

Different Views

Both of these locks have a cylindrical piece that can move around and turn as long as all the pins of the key are in alignment with the cuts of the cylindrical segment. As soon as you feel the teeth of the key falling in their places press the key abruptly and with swift movement turn the bump key.

To finish the unlocking process this way you are going to need to hit the bump key with some other object, preferably a mallet, and then turn once more.

How is this working? Just in case you were curious, the mechanical aspect of this method is the following: the pins that are sustained in the lock itself are filed in two rows. When you hit the bump key with a solid object then the force of the hitting object goes to the first row of pins in the tumbler which makes the tumbler moving. Do this procedure for each and every one of the upper-row pins you will be able to unlock your door.

The Pick-Set Method To Open Door Locks

Since none of the methods mentioned here are based on beginner’s luck you will need a lot of patience and practice. For this method especially, you are going to need a lot of both. This technique was taught, for a long while, to bona fide locksmiths only. And don’t think it would be easy to get your hands on a pick-set because its sale is restricted to a few people only. If everyone had access to it just imagine how easy the lock-picking would become for everyone. Since it is hard to get the original tool you can set yourself to work and model a similar pick-tool by yourself. Just below you will find the instructions as to how to make your pick tool.

Do It Yourself Pick Tool Instruction To Open Door Locks

Before we begin I would like to add that effort you put in making one of this tool should vary from lock to lock. If you have an older lock than you can make your pick tool out of paper clips only. If you are looking for a way to unlock a more sophisticated door then you will need more items, like wire clippers, pliers and bobby pins and an object made out of strong metal along with a wrench. The metal tool and the wrench would be also necessary for the weaker doors.

For the task, I would recommend that you find spring steel as you can easily fold it in a file. Spring steels are easily found in tools that you no longer use and are left forgotten in your toolbox. If you have a hacksaw then the blades from it would do the perfect job but only if they are not too thick as they can delimitate the size of the lock and you will fail to enter the lock with your hand-made tool. After you are sure about the thickness of the blades, move onto the next prop- the wrench tool.

Try to model the wrench into the shape of the letter L with an Allen key and by filing. While you do this make sure that your tool has a significantly shorter leg. If you file the wrench right it should resemble much like the letter “r”. The next step would be to insert the tension wrench. While pressing it neat the lower side of the lock doesn’t back down on the tension while you try to unlock the door.

How To Unlock Any Door

Use your listening skills if you are not entirely certain which direction to turn the tension wrench. Insert it and turn it, then swiftly take the wrench out and listen if the pins are dropping. If they aren’t then you are not turning towards the correct direction. As soon as you are certain of the direction of the turn put the pick atop the tension wrench. With the shorter leg of your tool press each of the pins down individually. When you manage to press down all the pins then you should be able to open the lock as well.

Don’t expect that you will succeed the first time you try this method and don’t give up easily. After you have practiced enough on old locks then you can go ahead and try it on the lock that has been keeping you out for a while.

Hex Wrench Method To Open Door Locks

You should use this method if one of the doors inside your home won’t unlock. The hex wrench method is especially recommended for the more modern interior doors that are specified with a distinctive doorknob that allows you to unlock yourself in case you get locked in. these knobs are normally coming with a tiny oval hole right in the center of the handle. To open this kind of a door lock you will need a set of hex wrenches.

You can always use your old set of wrenches and if you don’t own any just buy a set of hex wrenches aka Allen wrenches. These are cheap to buy and can be found in any hardware store. The set consists of wrenches with different width and they are all similar in shape- that of the capital “L”. With the longer end of the hex wrench push in the tiny round hole of the door handle.

There are two sizes of this tool but it wouldn’t be hard to find the right one. In the worst-case scenario, it would be your second guess. Push the wrench in the lock and turn forwards and backward until the tool scraps on something inside the lock. After this, the door unlock will happen easily.

The Credit Card Method How To Open Any Door Locks

If your lock is pretty straight forward then you can try this movie-scene method. More modern doors won’t open with your credit cards but if we are talking about old fashioned doors then you are good to go. The best result will be achieved with a laminated credit card because they can be easily bent and adjusted. You may want to use an older credit card because you may destroy it during the lock-picking process.

Find the credit card that matches the description above. Put the longer end of it between the frame of the door and the spot where the lock is placed. Tilt the credit card a bit in a downward direction and place it behind the bolt. While pulling the card in your direction try turning the door handle too. The credit card should slip between the bolt and the frame which will give you a chance to push the bolt outwards while you pull the card in your way. If you did the right moves and if you had some beginner’s luck then the door will click open for you. Although this trick will work on most simple locks I wouldn’t recommend that you waste your time with it if your door comes with a deadbolt.

How To Use Jims Method To Open Any Door Locks

For this trick to work you will need these specific tools known as SLIM JIMS that are usually used to open a locked car door. As you can guess these won’t sell in the local convenience store because they are considered illegal. That doesn’t mean though, that you can’t make a Jim on your own. You will only need a metal hanger. Just straighten the hanger and leave the hook as it is.

For this method to work you are going to have to shove the end of your new tool in the soft rubber that is at the bottom of the window also known as a weather stripper. Soon the hanger will be on the inside of the car door and you should be patient and alert to feel the interior lock. When you find it hook the hanger on the latch. Pull backward. If your car was not electric locks then this method can save you from this aggravating situation, however, don’t try this if your car door works on an electrical mechanism.

 The Brute Force Method To Open Any Door Locks

Sometimes, when the unlocking methods you know won’t work, you will have to rely on your force and strength. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. There are a few things that you need to know before you slam in the locked door you want to knockdown. As you know this method may leave you with the highly damaged door, door frame, and door lock. After this forceful entry, the chances are high that you will need to buy a new door. Just in case, if you need to forcefully enter somewhere, this is what you need to do:

Find the perfect spot for you and stand solidly. Place your feet apart and bend your knees slightly. Decide what your stronger leg is and lift it at the knee and kick the door with your foot. Don’t take your shoes off as they offer you some protection and don’t ever try to knock down a door with another body part then your feet. Keep kicking and the door will open eventually. Now You can open any door lock that you imagine whit this method.

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Unlock Door Lock

Thanks to that method you can open all door locks from any model and type. Use the one that is the best for you and you will never have a problem whit door lock in your life.