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How To Unlock Blackberry Password For Free By Software

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If you ever wondered what is the best way how to unlock Blackberry Passport for free then here you will find all the answers you have been looking for. There are many methods and many solutions, the best of which will be listed and explained here, in this article.

These methods work on any Blackberry Passport devices no matter the operative system they run on and no matter the carrier they are locked on. The methods listed here are universal and can be used on any Blackberry Passport devices worldwide. All of the methods listed and reviewed in this article are safe and will not harm your mobile Blackberry Passport device.


Start To Unlock

If you decide to go through with the unlock Blackberry Passport process then you already know what are all the possibilities of the unrestricted mobile Blackberry Passports. Not only can you use any SIM card from any carrier and network provider in the world you can always be a step ahead of everyone else because you will always have the opportunity and possibility to take the advantages of all the mobile plans and treats that the carriers offer daily. You can switch from network to network and will always use only what’s best from the mobile network market.

You can save a lot of money this way and you can keep the same device in whichever foreign country you go; having a SIM-unlocked mobile Blackberry Passport device also means that when you travel abroad you can take any SIM card from the foreign network providers too.

What’s the use of the fancy smart Blackberry Passport you own if you cannot use it everywhere you go.

And finally, if you decide to upgrade your existing Blackberry Passport for a newer and better version then you can sell your old one at a much higher price than if your mobile Blackberry Passport device was locked.

So, what are the options you have for unlocking your handset?


This option doesn’t require anything special from you. You don’t have to buy any special unlock Blackberry Passport tools or to install complicated applications. This option is simply more costly than the others. We all have the option to buy the mobile Blackberry Passport we want already SIM unlocked, but that is not at all appealing because the amount of money we have to pay for the mobile Blackberry Passport device is a lot more than the normal users, like you and me, cannot afford.

That is why almost every second mobile Blackberry Passport holder has faced with this restriction the SIM card lock. The lock comes with every contract we sign with the carrier.

When you sign a contract to one year then the price for the Blackberry Passport will be a bit higher than when your contract is on two years. This option for SIM unlocked devices is not preferred by the users as no one would like to spend a lot of money when they have the chance to own the same device for a lot less. That’s why so many users fall into the never-ending cycle of contract after contract without being able to enjoy the full potential that their Blackberry Passports have.

Unlock Blackberry Passport Code

This normally happens when you try your luck with a SIM card not issued by the carrier you signed your contract with. That should be an indicator enough that you must have an unlock code so that you SIM unlock your Blackberry handset. From the carrier that put the software lock on your Blackberry Passport, from the mobile service shops, from the internet, etc.

This happens when you only just signed the contract and the next week you require an unlock code. Normally all carriers have code selling policies but only under circumstances. For instance, the condition you should fulfill to have the right to buy your unlock code is to have your contract at least halfway fulfilled. Only then will the carrier agree to sell you the unlock code as much as they would not want to.

If your contract is almost all the way through, most of the carriers will give you the unlock Blackberry Passport code for free and without much of a fuss.

Many internet websites made a survey about the various carriers and the prices they ask for the unlock codes as well as the conditions you need to fulfill to be able to buy on.

In this survey, Vodafone has the best code unlock policy as they are willing to give you you unlock Blackberry Passport code entirely for free if you managed to keep your part of the deal at least a year. If this is not the case then you need to pay the symbolic amount of 20 $ to get your unlock code.

Unlock Steps

O2, on the other hand, will let you buy your mobile Blackberry Passport’s unlock code for 15 $. If the type of your contract was “pay-as-you-go”. If your contract type was on two years then you will probably have the code for free. O2 has a special treat for all the Blackberry Passport users. They can buy their unlock code for 15 $ no matter the type of contract they signed with them. No matter how long they have been respecting the deal in the contract.

If purchasing the unlock code from the carrier is out of the question then you should resort to the hardware and the software SIM unlock options.

How To Unlock Blackberry Passport For Free By Software

The software app asks you to enter the IMEI number. The model of your mobile Blackberry Passport. The name of the carrier you signed your contract with. In a couple of minutes, you will receive an unlock Blackberry Passport code. You need to use when you decide to unlock your Blackberry handset.

You will block your device permanently if you don’t enter the correct combination of the code the first five times. It may sound like a piece of cake. But it can be confusing especially as sometimes instead of pressing on the letter you need to press on * or #. As many times as needed until the right letter appears on the screen.

The request for entering the SIM unlocking Blackberry code will appear. Then when you enter a SIM card from a different network provider. Here on this page bellow, you can download a free version from the unlocking Blackberry Passport code generator. It is capable to generate the right unlock Blackberry Passport code for your Blackberry device. You want to solve the carrier lock problem for free. Then you need to follow the guide below:

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Open the software on your device( you can complete the download process successfully on any device whit good internet connection),
  3. Fill in your locked Blackberry Passport information(IMEI number, carrier, country, and your valid email address),
  4. Click on the unlock button,
  5. Wait five to ten minutes. Check your mail. Get the unlock Blackberry Passport code that our team send you,
  6. Put the new sim card in your locked Blackberry Passport mobile phone device,
  7. Fill in the unlock code when your Blackberry cell phone will ask it from you,
  8. Select ok,
  9. Your Blackberry Passport is now unlocked!!!

How To Unlock By Cable

The hardware solution will normally involve some tools. The tool in question here is nothing much than a special cable. Also known as the “unlock Blackberry Passport cable”. You can order this cable from many web pages on the internet. All you have to do is type: “unlock cable” and many options will appear instantly. Use your device’s model to make the correct choice and make the order.

These cables are not normally expensive but they can vary in price depending on where you order them. The cable works by connecting your mobile Blackberry Passport device to the free unlock server. This method could be a little bit difficult if you are clueless about electronics and computer programs. Still, you can seek the starter’s support on guide pages from the internet which is great for beginners like you. Read the tips. Advice gave there. You will have no problem while performing the SIM unlock Blackberry Passport process.

We strongly recommend you to use our unlock Blackberry Passport code generator. Offer you free unlock Blackberry Passport cell phone device. Feel free to ask for help. If you need from our team of professionals that are here all the time for you. You just need to contact them by mail or comment.

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