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How To Unlock BLU Phone Any Model For Free

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Learn how to unlock BLU phone for free by BLU unlock code generator software available for free download on this page bellow. This software works for any BLU model cell phone. If you are looking for the safest way to unlock BLU mobile phone device this is the right place to be. Forget about all those scammy tools and suspicious websites. Now you can get free, easily and quickly remove the lock on your BLU mobile phone in a few mints.

Unlock BLU Phone

How To Unlock BLU Phone Instructions

The online unlock BLU service for remote sin unlocks which has rightfully earned the title “most trusted” is within your reach at this moment. The most established online unlocking service is just a click away. Visit and read the testimonials of the few million happy users. The online service is user-friendly, hence very simple to use. If you grew tired of using the network services of the one carrier that got you to sign the ridiculous contract, you can put an end to it today.

Download the unlock BLU phone code generator, read this post and give us some details about the phone you want to be unlocked. Click “unlock now” and check out after you have successfully filled in your BLU’s information. In a short while, you will receive an email that contains detailed instructions about the rest of the unlocking BLU operation as well as the unlock BLU code. There are other ways for you to get the unlock BLU code, but believe me, those ways are far more costly. Once you read the instructions follow them exactly as given and insert the code when instructed. Click “ok” and your mobile phone will be ready to work on any GSM network. If you don’t know what a GSM network is I will list a few here: Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, and others.

Unlock BLU Benefits

So the exists for over five years now and the unlocking experience has been also mastered to perfection. Finally, we have access to the carrier database systems and from there we directly pull your unique unlock code. So this is a legal procedure that is why you should not hold any fears about your warranty. It will remain unobstructed as if you never tried to unlock your BLU device. With their unlocking services, this is not the case and you can easily discover this with a little poking about the internet.

So the benefits of your unlocked BLU mobile phone will become visible once you unlock it. You will gain access to apps available only for unlocked BLU phones. So you will also get a lot of free services and many other options. For example, you can use as many different SIM cards as you wish from as many different network providers you need to. You can cut the cost of your phone calls and the cost of the data usage. Then you can even save a couple of hundred dollars because of every year by picking and choosing your mobile packages. So if you even decide you can even sell your unlocked mobile phone and you will be surprised how popular the unlocked devices are.

How To Unlock BLU Phone Guide Step By Step

  1. This tool you will find as a result of a search on Google.
  2. Then install the software on your device,
  3. Also, open the tool and fill in all information about your carrier-locked BLU device ( IMEI number, the carrier on which is locked, country and BLU cell phone model) and your email address,
  4. Finally, now click on the unlock button,
  5. Then you will get your BLU to unlock code on your mail in the next ten minutes whit guide how to use it,
  6.  Also, change the sim card ( put a new one from some another carrier)
  7.  Then start to use some other carrier’s services on your BLU device
  8. Finally, your BLU cell phone is now unlocked!!!

Unlocking Models

  • Studio 7.0 LTE
  • Studio G LTE
  • Dash X
  • Studio Energy 2
  • Energy X
  • Vivo Air LTE
  • Studio XL
  • Touchbook G7
  • C Super Camera
  • Vivo Selfie
  • Studio C5 + 5 LTE
  • Life 8 XL
  • Studio 5.5C
  • Advance 4.0 L
  • Win HD LTE
  • Win JR LTE
  • Life One XL
  • Studio G
  • X Plus
  • Vivo Air
  • 5.0 HD LTE
  • Mini LTE
  • Sport 4.5
  • Dash Music JR
  • Lifi View 8.0
  • Studio 7.0
  • 6.0 LTE
  • Studio X
  • Life One (2015)
  • Studio Energy
  • Studio C
  • Selfie
  • Energy X Plus
  • Studio C 5 + 5
  • LU Life X8
  • Studio 7.0 II
  • Dash X Plus
  • Pure XL
  • Dash L
  • Dash M
  • Life Play Mini
  • Win JR
  • 5.0 C HD
  • Studio C Mini
  • Studio 5.0 CE
  • Life 8
  • Life Pure XL
  • Studio 6.0 HD
  • Neo 3.5


  • Studio 5.0 S II
  • Studio 5.5 S
  •  Vivo 4.8 HD
  • Life View Tab
  • Life One X
  • Play X
  • Life Pure
  • Advance 4.0
  • 5.5
  • Samba W
  • BLU Jenny TV 2.8
  • Dash 5.0
  • Dash Music 4.0
  • 4.5
  • 5.3 S
  • Amour
  • JR
  • Samba TV
  • Zoey
  • 5.0 II
  • Pro
  • Play S
  • Life One M
  • Studio 5.0 E
  • Life Pure Mini
  • Studio 5.0 LTE
  • Neo 4.5
  • Studio 5.0 LTE
  • Studio 5.0 C
  • Vivo IV
  • Dash C Music
  • Win HD
  • Studio 5.0 S
  • Dash Music
  • Diva
  • Diva X
  • Studio 5.0
  • Tatto S
  • Life One
  • Studio 5.3 II
  • Life View
  • Life Play
  • Tank 4.5
  • Quattro 4.5 HD
  • Hero II
  • Quattro 5.7 HD
  • Quattro 4.5
  • Dash 4.0
  • Brooklyn
  • Touch Book 9.7
  • Vivo 4.65 HD
  • Dash 3.2
  • Touch Book 7.0 Plus
  • Dash 3.5
  • Dash
  • Elite 3.8
  • Book 7.0 Lite
  • Hero
  • Vivo 4.3
  • Jenny
  • Jenny TV
  • Tank
  • Studio 5.3
  • Pro
  • Neo
  • Neo XT
  • Touch Book 7.0
  •  Deco Pro
  • Electro
  • Deco Mini
  • Deco XT
  • Deejay Touch
  • Deejay Flip
  • Samba Elite
  • Spark
  • Tatto Mini
  • Samba JR
  • Swing
  • Lindy
  • Magic
  • Bar Q
  • Touch
  • Deejay II
  • Ultra
  • Samba Q
  • Diesel 3G
  • Tango
  • Smart
  • Flash
  • Speed
  • Cubo
  • Samba Mini
  • Tattoo
  • Disco2GO II
  • Samba
  • Tattoo TV
  • Deejay
  • Brilliant
  • TV2Go Lite
  • Slim TV
  • Click
  • TV2Go
  • EZ2Go
  • Vida1
  • Kick
  • Texting 2 GO
  • Gol
  • Vivo One Plus
  • Vivo XI+ LTE
  • Studio J8 LTE
  • XL LTE
  • Unlock BLU Dual SIM Lite

So our site guarantees a 100% success rate. Then so far not a single user ever complained about our unlocking BLU service. So what’s more we have a team of friendly professionals who are there for you at any time so you can contact our customer and support service whenever you wish should you have anything to inquire about. Also, forget about those boring contracts and feel the joys of SIM unlocked BLU mobile device today!


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  1. Stephen smith April 15, 2022 at 5:30 am -

    Hi I wanted to get an invite code for my blue TracFone I don’t know why they locked it supposed to be unlocked so if you could just give me the code that would be great the imei is 353011724543517/10 thanks!

  2. Matt July 11, 2022 at 8:45 am -

    Vivo Y21s telstra locked.

    Imie: 862494055525291