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How to Unlock LG G6 via Code Generator Software for Free

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This guide here will help you to unlock the LG G6 using our Code Generator tool. First of all, we will start with the specifications of this mobile phone called LG G6 which is very good. The purpose of the LG G6 was to achieve LG’s substantial return on the market in leading cell phones.

This device is perfect, struggling with the competition but could not beat it. The LG V30 mobile device had a lot of processing errors and specifications in parts. Let’s hope the new G6 will be okay. That will show the time.


The display of the LG G6 mobile device has changed a lot, unlike the standard aspect ratio of 16: 9, here we now have a screen ratio of 18: 9 (mainly 2: 1). That allows the G6 to have a higher panel, and the body remains small and unchanged. That makes the look of the G6 very handsome.

Unlock LG G6 Codes

The display features a 5.7-inch display, which is significantly larger than the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile devices. Because of the screen size, the angles are slightly rounded, which at first look makes this device a bit strange to use. But if you use it for a short time, you get used to it, and this is very normal and interesting at the same moment. This LG G6 design most closely matches the black model.

The size of the screen makes your phone have black bars when watching videos on YouTube, or movies on Amazon’s Prime, Netflix. Other Android apps are fine; if you play games, you will have no problem with the black grids on the screen.

Now to not give you specifications, you probably already know when you are here because you have LG G6 locked on the SIM card in your hands.

How To Unlock LG G6 via Code Generator Software?

We’ve published this process a million times in our articles, but now in more detail, we’ll show you how to install our software to decode mobile phones like the LG G6. The first step you need to do is find your IMEI Number from your Cell Phone. That’s a 15-digit unique number for your LG G6 into the LG database servers, where it’s locked. We will use this code to unlock your LG G6 mobile device free of charge.

Download the software code generator from the download section of our website here. Open it and enter the IMEI Number, then click on the unlock button now. Wait a minute to complete the process. You already have an unlock code for your mobile device.

Now, in your LG G6, insert a SIM card that does not support your mobile device. Unpick the unlock to enter the unlock code. Roll it in here and click unlock. That is it. You now have unlocked LG G6 on all Sim cards in the world.

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