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How To Unlock Moto X For Free With Entering IMEI Combination

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On this page, you will learn how to unlock Moto X cell phone device whit the best unlock Moto X code generator available for free download on this post bellow. Once you will unlock your cell Moto X device you can use any sim card from any carrier in the world. When you decide to buy a postpaid Moto X mobile phone you should have in mind that these always come with a lock on it.

The carrier came up with a meticulous plan that seems like a win-win solution for all parties. This is a smart move as the carriers manage to over-charge you for the mobile phone you thought you got almost for free.

How To Unlock Moto X Free Information

Almost every household has a family member or two who own a post-paid mobile phone device. The lock the carriers put on our devices is a software lock. That’s why we are going to act the same way and remove the lock with another software program.

Thousands of users across the world are looking for a way to remove the network lock on their Moto X phone and their search finally stops when they get this tool.

To use it you don’t have to do anything unusual. If you can dial a phone number or write a text message then you have got all the pre-knowledge you need to operate this unlock Moto X tool. No experience needed and no IT ability required. Almost every user who tried the unlocking tool has managed to unlock their Moto X cell phone and so will you.

Guide How To Unlock Moto X Cell Phone

Initially, you will be required to download and install the unlock Moto X code generating and unlocking tool on your computer by click on the download button below:

  1. So in the meanwhile, our unlocking Moto X tool will enter your current carrier’s database and retrieve the already existing unlock code for your mobile phone. You will receive the unlock code on the email you provided previously in just a few hours.
  2. Then the last step of the unlocking process would be to take out the SIM card already in your device and replace it with a SIM card from a different carrier. So turn on your mobile phone and wait for a few seconds. Finally, the device’s software will immediately recognize that the SIM card you entered belongs to a different carrier than it should and it will ask you for an unlock code before you are allowed to use your device again. Fortunately, you already have the unlock code sent to your e-mail and you will carefully enter it in the field provided. Click “ok” and use your mobile phone as it has never been locked before.


The advantages of unlocked Moto X mobile phone devices are plenty. No one should be missing out on all the opportunities open for unlocked devices. For one, you can travel the world with only one device and use any SIM card anywhere you go.

There are more than 750 different carriers in the world and they all have something to offer. Why use only one when you can benefit from as many carriers as you wish. If you unlock your Moto X phone you can organize your preferences. According to this choose a monthly package plan from the carriers in your country.

For, example. You can choose to have a more stable data connection and better 4g coverage. You can choose a package that has unlimited calls to all network providers in the world. Or you can choose a plan that offers you many free text messages.

You can change your mind every month. Sometimes even several times a month. You can have 10 different SIM cards from ten different carries. They will all work just fine. You should have in mind. Though, that unlocked mobile Moto X phone devices will not accept SIM cards from the CDMA network providers like US Cellular, Verizon, Sprint, Boost and the like. On the other hand. All SIM cards of the GSM network providers will be accepted without a problem.

Unlock Moto X Supported Models

  • Force
  • Style
  • Play Dual Sim
  • Play
  • (2nd Gen)
  • Unlock Moto X

So the same goes if you wish to keep your existing phone number. Then contact the customer support. Also service of the new carrier. Finally, file a request for keeping your old telephone number.


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