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IMEI Repair Tool For any Cell PhoneTo Write New IMEI Number

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Using a free IMEI Repair Software Tool or called writer of your smartphone is now possible thanks to the latest application which we have added on our website. With this app, you can fix the existing IMEI number on your smartphone and make it work with any SIM card, regardless of the fact if the device was previously reported as stolen or lost.

Basically this IMEI repair tool will enable you to fix or change the old and existing identification number of your cell phone.

Now you know that it is possible to use this application to remove any tracking tool installed on your device. And all that is required to do is to pay attention to the instructions available on our website, and you will learn all that you need to know to change the IMEI code and remove the restrictions on your cell phone.

IMEI Repair

One of the greatest advantages of the IMEI Writer tool to repair IMEI is the capability of removing the mobile phone from the blacklist database of the mobile carrier, or from the list of devices that are reported as stolen or lost.

Official Service

Easily remove or repair the old IMEI code. Make a brand new registration. That is what you will get with our application. And how you can do it? Well, it is simple. Just go to our website and devote ten minutes of your time. You will need a good internet connection to get the job done right, but we believe that it should not be a problem, anyone, nowadays.

Once you have accessed our online interface system, you will need to provide some basic information. But remember, you must enter the genuine data as requested.

There is no room for worries! You may be overcharged with an expensive tariff to use the application because it is free. We try to keep it that way. Do not worry because there are no in-app purchases included.

So once you have run the application interface you will need to enter the old IMEI number. The IMEI number of your device into the adequate field.

You may be also asked to provide the model of the smartphone as well as the network carrier to which it is currently locked, or which’s services you are currently using.

You don’t know the IMEI code of your device? Just dial the number *#06# and it should be shown on your smartphone screen in a couple of seconds.


  • An option to unlock any cell phone
  • Guaranteed blacklist removal of the device
  • Guaranteed removal from the list of devices reported as stolen or lost
  • Removal of any tracking software services installed on the phone

Guide to Repair IMEI by Writer Software Tool

  1. Download the IMEI repair app on your computer, laptop or tablet
  2. Start the service
  3. In the adequate fields enter the IMEI number, model of the phone and carrier to which it is locked
  4. Press “Repair Now”
  5. Wait several minutes
  6. Once you get the message “ The IMEI number has been successfully repaired” press on the “OK” button
  7. Dial the number *#06# to see your new IMEI code