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Importance On Cell Phone Functions Than Every Cell Phone User Know

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Cell phone functions? All The Things Your Cell Phone Can Do!
Below you can read about cell phone functions that every device has. In case of great emergencies, your cell phone can be the only resort for help. However, only a few people know the things that can be done with their cell phone when trouble strikes. These are the few life-changing things you can do with your device:In the case of emergency:

You need to know the worldwide emergency number for mobile which by the way is 112. If you are out of network coverage area and you are in a grave emergency, just dial the three digits mentioned above i.e. 112. Your mobile phone will instantly search for any network that exists within range and will provide an emergency number for you.

Cell Phone Tricks

In case you have locked in your car keys:

This situation probably has happened to quite a lot of you who are reading this article. That is why this information can be useful to all of you who have had this unpleasant experience or you simply possess a remote keyless entry to your car. So, when you lock your keys inside your car, and your spare keys are safely at home, this is what you should do. Call a person who is at home and ask them to press the unlock button while holding it near their mobile. At the same time, you need to keep your mobile as close as possible to your car door. This trick can save you a lot of stress as it makes it super simple to unlock your car. No matter how far from home you are. This trick works perfectly well and can never let you down.

In case you have low battery:


As it frequently happens, the cell battery can be very low when you most need it. To activate the hidden battery power, press *3370# and your cell will restart with the all the hidden battery power it has. Using this technique, you can gain up to 50 % increase in battery. When you charge your mobile net time, this reserve will charge too.

In case you need to disable a stolen cell phone:

If you had your mobile stolen the first thing you want to do is disable it. However, to do so you must know its serial number. You simply press * # 0 6 # and the 15 digit IMEI code will appear on your screen. With this number, your service provider will be able to track down your phone or block your handset which will make your cell unusable for the thief.

Mobile Tricks

And the final function:

For 411 information calls mobile companies to charge you a few bucks when there’s no need to. There is a free-of-charge way to do this and it goes as follows: dial: (800) FREE 411, or (800) 373-3411. Make sure you program this into your mobile right now and be never charged for these calls again. You can write comments for some cell phone functions that you know …