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The Best 9 PC Remote Access Tool For Free Available For Download

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You have almost definitely heard of the amazing trick that is the remote access Tool for your computer but you have always thought it was the job for the top IT technicians.

It sounded like a mission impossible at first but when you read about these nine remote access tools complied here you will see that it is nothing too complicated, nothing too demanding or nothing impossible in the very least. To remote access, your computer, or in many cases computers, means that you can work on your computer or laptop from a different location.

In most of the cases you have at least two PCs with the same remote access app installed on them and you can enter one or the other no matter where you are. You can be on the other side of the continent and still go through your files on your work PC.

Using the remote access tools you can have unobstructed access to all of the files available there, you can even log on to your online accounts and you can access all the resources of that computer as if you were sitting in front of it. This is an amazing opportunity thanks to the boom of the internet era.

Still, there are many tools online claiming to be the best remote access tool that cannot be trusted. Some of those take up too much space on your PC, contain malicious files and not as easily operational as they should be. That’s why I have narrowed down the choice of remote access tools to only nine and you can learn all about them here, in this article.

Information For Remote Utility Tool

This tool can be found and downloaded for free on your computer and on the computer you want to remote access. Well, to be more precise on the ten computers you want to remotely access. As a free tool, this is a pretty amazing feature because even those charge remote access tools don’t allow you to control up to ten computers at the same time.

You can set up your internet id and pair up with the dozen computers over the internet and control what’s going on in each one of them. The computer from which the control is given is called the client and the remotely controlled one is called the host. For the Remote Utility tool to be able to work properly, you need to install this app on both, the host and the client.

With the free distant access tool – Remote Utilities, you can have full access to the hosts you wish to connect to. Yes, mobile phones are compatible with this tool too. The mobile phone device should be smart; an Android mobile phone or an iPhone.

It is important to note that you wish to pair with only one other computer. Then the tool is available to download for free. But if you need remote access for more. For example ten computers then you must purchase the control license.

Guides For UltraVNC Tool

Like the Remote Utility tool, UltraVNC is beneficial to a great extent too. The terminology between the two tools is slightly different, so what was the host in Remote utilities is now the server and what was the client is now the viewer.

If you wish to be controlling things at work from your laptop at home then here you should install the viewer software, and on your PC at work install the server software.

If your home computer could use the other option then you install the other software too- the server software. Of course, between the viewer and the server files can be transferred and accessed, altered and deleted. In other words, you can take your work at home or wherever you go. So far it is one of the most relied on free remote access tools so you won’t regret it if you download it for yourself.

The Remote Utilities application tool is compatible with most operative systems except for Linux and Mac.

AMMYY Remote Access Tool

This remote access application tool is one of the favorites because it is the simplest tool for many. This AMMYY Tool will download on this link here on the official page.

AeroAdmin Remote Access Tool

This tool is also easy and simple to operate. It is available for free download.

RemotePC Remote Access Tool

Like the other remote access application tools, this one is also free and easy to manage. No need for extra knowledge or special skills. Here will Download RemotePC Tool for free.

Free Chrome Remote Desktop Remote Access Tool

This tool is rather an extension of one of the most used internet browsers- Google Chrome. To use it you wouldn’t have to pay. The best thing about this tool is that it can work on all sorts of computers, no matter their operative systems. Some of the tools mentioned above couldn’t be compatible with Mac or Linux, but Chrome Remote Desktop can. It can even be opened from a mobile phone device especially if it is an Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet.

Fitness Remote Access Tool

It works on Mac. Linux and Windows and of the many options. It has it can be proud of the VoIP and the desktop sharing and file transfer. Download Fitness Tool on this link here for free the trial version.

Free TeamViewer Remote Access Tool

Install the TeamViewer software on both computers you will want to interact with. You will have your distant access in a couple of moments. Here too, we can make a distinction between a server and a host. You don’t want to install any software on your PC. Then you can use the online option that the TeamViewer has. So you can use the TeamViewer for the same things as you would any of the other remote access tools: file transfer, sharing apps and data, fixing things, remote printing, etc.


Last, but not least on my list of best remote access tools is the AnyDesk access from distance application. Free, easy and simple to use. You can take your work or your memories with you wherever you go. This is without damaging the original data saved on your PC.

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