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Refurbished iPhones Information And Instructions How To Use It

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On this page, you will find all the information about Refurbished iPhones from any model that you need it. Here you can learn all about Refurbished iPhone, how to get it, how to check it, their advantages, benefits and much more. So if you were browsing through ads or on eBay for a new cell phone device you have certainly come across the word refurbished. You probably got the idea that a device has been used, broken down and then repaired. Still, there is a difference between repaired and refurbished also.


If in your case you are looking at a refurbished iPhone that means that the device, truly, belonged to someone else, and after some defect was spotted by the owner it was returned to Apple where their technicians corrected the defect and certified it as good for sale. This can only mean one thing, buying a refurbished iPhone is not a bad idea after all, but then again: how to know if the iPhone device in the ads is truly refurbished or just simply repaired?

Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhones Models Available

  • 3g
  • 3gs
  • 4
  • 4s
  • 5
  • 5s
  • 5c
  • 6
  • 6+
  • 6s
  • 6s+
  • 6 Plus
  • 7
  • 8
  • iPads
  • iPods

Refurbished iPhones Guides

Then check the serial number:

Always bear in mind that refurbished Apple devices are repackaged by the Apple Company and ready for re-sale after the product has been returned. In some cases, Apple’s technicians even have to replace some bits of the device to make it a 100 % authentic Apple product. The first thing to do to determine if the iPhone was refurbished is to have a peek at its serial number.

So the serial number is a serious indicator of the performed refurbishing. But, where can one find the serial number of the device? If the iPhone is turned on locating the serial number should be an easy task for you. so just go to the Setting’s menu and tap on it. Then find the option -General, and tap once. You will see -About in the list here, so click on it and scroll until you spot the Serial Number entry. Then when you hit this entry the full serial number will appear on the screen of your iPhone. There are cases when the iPhone is off and then the procedure of locating the serial number would be somewhat different.

How To Use It

In this case scenario, you are also going to need to open the back lid of the device and find the tray where the SIM card goes. So the serial number you are after is printed right there, on the SIM card tray. For original iPhones, the serial number is placed on the back lid of it. You may not have known this, but the serial number contains the date of manufacturing. You need to examine this number carefully and you will discover everything you need to know about the date of production. For example, if the first number of the serial code is 5 then there is no mistake that the iPhone was refurbished and certified by Apple.

The rest of the digits of the serial number also tell a story. For instance, the third digit is the last number of the year of manufacturing. The fourth and fifth number represents the week of the year of production.

Check the seal on the box:

If the seal bears the mark “Apple Certified” then this means that the Apple technicians did their job refurbishing this device. Sometimes even the boxes can be an indicator clear enough of this process. Normally the refurbished iPhone come is completely white packages.

How To Use Refurbished iPhones

If you are thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone then go for it. They are functioning equally as the brand new iPhone devices. The advantage of refurbished iPhone is mostly in the price of selling. The AT&T phone provider offers you a similar deal regarding these two models of iPhone devices.

They sell both new and refurbished iPhones and they would give you a generous amount of 100 $ off if you decide to go with the refurbished one. You can follow all the refurbished AT&T deals online only. You can either purchase the devices with no contract or on their famous “Next” plan. If you want to check for a refurbished iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ in the Apple stores you will not find them as only AT&T sells the refurbished iPhone 6 and 6+. For iPhone 6+ refurbished models the discount that AT&T gives you is even better.


So you will pay 150 $ less if you decide to buy a refurbished iPhone 6+ from AT&T. sometimes the warranty of the refurbished devices is lesser as the device was originally sold some time before. Then normally, the warranty for a brand new iPhone is 12 months and the warranty for a refurbished device is only 3 months. So if you want to have a warranty at all costs you can buy one for 24 months at the cost of 99 $.

Other than that there are many positive aspects, the price being of prime importance, of course. So when you buy a refurbished iPhones the packaging should include everything that packaging of a brand new device includes.

Finally, if you want to compare the prices of off-contract refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and refurbished iPhone on the NEXT plan of AT&T have a look at the table below:


Model of iPhone device:

  1. 16GB
  2. 64GB
  3. 128GB
  4. s-16GB
  5. s-64GB
  6. s-128GB

Brand New –No Contract included

  1. 649.00 USD
  2. 749.00 USD
  3. 849.00 USD
  4. 749.00 USD
  5. 849.00 USD
  6. 949.00 USD

Refurbished iPhone – No Contract

  1. 552.49 USD
  2. 637.49 USD
  3. 722.49 USD
  4. 637.49 USD
  5. 722.49 USD
  6. 807.49 USD

AT&T Next plan for 2 yrs

  1. 18.42 USD
  2. 21.25 USD
  3. 24.09 USD
  4. 21.25 USD
  5. 24.09 USD
  6. 26.92 USD

AT&T Next plan for 1.5 yrs

  1. 23.02 USD
  2. 26.57 USD
  3. 30.11 USD
  4. 26.57 USD
  5. 30.11 USD
  6. 33.65 USD

AT&T Next plan for 1 yr

  1. 27.63 USD
  2. 31.88 USD
  3. 36.13 USD
  4. 31.88 USD
  5. 36.13 USD
  6. 40.38 USD


So if you need more information on the prices of the two Refurbished iPhones models we are looking in this article then visit the iPhone 6 review and iPhone 6+ review.
Then when you visit the online AT&T store don’t be disappointed if you don’t find your wanted model for sale. They come in the stock and at the moment of your search may be the AT&T doesn’t have it. But if you visit the online store in a few days because you will find what you were looking for. So the leather of the cases is premium and you can pick your favorite out of several colors.