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How To Root Nokia X To Get Access On Google Play Store

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We here will talk today in this guide how to root the Nokia X device and to get access for free on Play Store For Nokia X and Google. However, the disappointment was even bigger to many users when they have found out that the device will run on a highly customized version of Nokia X which will pave the way for Microsoft’s services like One Drive,, Bing Search, and Skype instead of Google’s services and Google Play store.

Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the Nokia X will be powered by both Microsoft and Nokia’s services. The AOSP which Nokia X used will correspond with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which will be the baseline for the operating system. Even though there is no access to Google’s Play Store, Nokia will be offering side-loading of Android apps from any third-party source like the SlideMe market, Aptoide, 1mobile market, and Yandex Store.

Root Nokia X

Still, it does mean that you cannot install the Google Play store on the Nokia X. It is possible to do this by giving the user root Nokia X permission on the device. And by rooting the Nokia X you can run apps that demand access to some system settings and the option to flash custom ROMs to the device, which in reality can add up to more features. However, before rooting your device, you should have in mind that the bootloader or the rooting process will cancel the warranty of your Smartphone. Furthermore, the rooting process may also brick the device if you make a mistake so you should be extra careful when doing this.

How To Root Nokia X

If you wish to run Google Apps on Nokia X it will be required to root the device. You can do this by following these tips:

  • You need to enable USB debugging on your Nokia X. This option is found in Settings’ Developer option. You will have to checkmark the USB debugging box to conduct the rooting process Go to your Nokia X -Settings Developer Checkmark the USB Debugging box
  • Now download the Farmaroot.apk to your Windows computer and transfer it to Nokia X or directly download it to the Nokia X. Install the root X tool using the automatic set up on the Nokia phone, navigate to the Farmaroot.apk folder on the Nokia X, Click on the.APK file and it will begin the automatic installation.
  • Now open the SuperSU file and select Gandalf to exploit which is a dropdown option in the Farmaroot app.

Note that the Farmaroot app also enables you to un-root your Nokia X if you wish to bring it back to normal.

How to install Google Play Store on Nokia X

  • Start by downloading the Google service APKs either on your Windows-based computer or your Nokia X phone. If downloaded on a computer, copy the APKs to the phone using USB connection.
    To begin, install the Google Services APKs to your Windows computer or Phone. Then transfer the Google APKs to Nokia X using a USB cable.
  • Extract all the Google APKs. You will be required to download the root X explorer app on the Nokia X which is a file manager for root users.
    Head to the folder where you have saved all Google APKs and select all files. After that click, the option “Extract all” next from the menu. The extracted APK files then will be automatically stored on the MicroSD card’s SpeedSoftware folder. When you get to this point, don’t install the APKs.
  • Remember that all the extracted files you must move to /system/apps folder of Nokia X. The easiest way to do this is to use the root Nokia x explorer app, go to the SpeedSoftware folder on the Microsoft card Select all files, and choose Cut from the menu. After that paste the files in /system/apps/folder.
  • The next step would be to change the permission for all the extracted files. From the three, only the Owner needs to have the “Write” option marked. Once the permission has been changed for all the extracted Google APK files, reboot your Nokia X to make it more stable.
    After you do the reboot you should be able to see the Google App icons’ for Gmail, Google Play Store, and Hangouts in the app drawer.

Rooting Tips

After that, you can enjoy using the Play Store For Nokia X. Well as the other Google Services on your Nokia X. You can sign in to your Google Account to use Google Services. You can browse through your favorite Android Apps in the Play store.

The first method is compatible with earlier software versions for Nokia X; however once you update to 11.1.1 versions, the new security features will not allow you to use this method. If you already have this or newer version check the 2nd method.

Second Method To Root Nokia X

If the previous method does not work due to security restrictions you can do this:

  • On your Windows-based computer install the Nokia Composite ADB interface. On top of that also install the Framaroot.apk on your Nokia X.

Note that the Nokia Composite ADB interface folder should contain two subfolders KingoRoot_NokiaX_Mod and Nokia X USB drivers.

  • Connect the Nokia X with your computer using USB cable, run device manager and right-click on the connected device. You will now see the Update driver option on your computer with which you can install the ADB drivers.

Note that you may be asked to enter new drivers for the Nokia X. You can find these drivers in the Nokia Composite ADB interface folder labeled as Nokia X USB drivers. Now select the browser, go to the folder and choose the driver. We here have a special guide to root android device for any smartphones not only for Nokia x.

Root Benefits

After you do this, open the KingoRoot.exe on your computer. This folder is located in the Nokia Composite ADB interface folder. Remember that you need to keep the Nokia X Root connected to the computer. All-time until the process is finished.

At this point, you need to select the Root Button in the KingoRoot app on your computer to root the Nokia X. By doing this you will also install the SuperSU app on the Root Nokia X automatically. The entire procedure may take a couple of minutes.

After you see that the KingoRoot app shows Rooted on your PC status, then Reboot the phone. Choose grant and proceed.

Once you have selected the “grant” option, start KingoRoot on your computer once again. If you wish to return your device to the previous condition, press on Remove Root.

You can now do the method of installing the Play Store For Nokia X. Described in the First Method by extracting. All of the Google APKs with the root explorer.

This is the best 2 steps to Root Nokia X device very fast and safely to not lose any data from your device. If you have any questions on how to root x please write in the comment below, we will respond to you.