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Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Tool App For Free Work With Your IMEI Number

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The easiest way to unlock AT&T iPhone 5 cell phone device is to do it with the aid of one of the software application tools that can be downloaded and installed on your PC, tablet or laptop.

ATT Unlock iPhone 5

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Process

Since people strive for unlocked mobile phones now more than ever, even the carriers, who put the SIM card lock in the first place, have a less strict strategy regarding this restrictive lock. Many of the carriers will sell you the unlock key for a few bucks. You can move on with your life using your SIM unlocked smartphone handset.

Unlocking mobile phone devices became an issue worthy of attention. Some countries even have laws protecting the users’ right to move forward. They remove the SIM card lock that the carrier placed on their cell phones. Since the users want less restrictive contract most of them move towards the carriers who offer them more freedom.

About Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Solutions

As is custom lately, no one ever buys the device only. When it is time to updater old cell phone device you normally go down at the carrier’s shop or have a look at their online catalog for a new mobile phone.

It never really crosses your mind to buy a gadget only. The mobile phone gadget must be accompanied by a mobile phone plan. Plan for at least two years and an apparent discount of the handset you wish to buy at that moment.

You should know from your earlier experience. Buying the smart mobile phone on a contract always brings the SIM lock along. The carrier subtly locks you to their service. There is no way that you can rid of it. You probably got used to living like that. What you signed is what you get. Now, when you have a brand new iPhone 5 device it is a shame. Real pity to go on about with a locked one.

Your AT&T iPhone 5 will be unlocked if you either bought it second hand with its contract already finished, after which the SIM lock automatically disappears, of if had a huge raise at work and decided to pay for the handset only, without committing to any mobile phone plans and agreements.

This software program is originally never activated. The activation move is left to the carrier. As I mentioned before some carriers never bother to activate the lock and others do it regularly.

So, the SIM card lock is a software problem that is why you need a software solution.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool

If you ever had to unlock a mobile phone device using a software application tool you might know its advantages and how great these instruments work.

Sometimes the tools work in the same manner but on other occasions, the tools have their varieties. For example, if you search online you can find many tools that can help you unlock your iPhone 5 devices. The difference is that some of the SIM unlocking tools are universal and can unlock all iPhone models, or at least so they state, and others claim to be able to unlock only one specific model of the iPhone handsets, like the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool.

The principle will be the same and so will the expectations.

If you think that the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool is one of the fake ones, erase that thought from your mind as promptly as possible. The Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool is the most trusted and the most relied on SIM unlocking tool in the past two years. No one ever complained that the tool had left them hanging in the middle of the process, or worse, completing the process unsuccessfully.

The Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool guarantees you that the unlocking procedure will be done within an hour, if not much less, and it will be done successfully, as long as you obey one single rule: PROVIDE THE CORRECT IMEI NUMBER.

What Is An IMEI Number

The word IMEI itself stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number, or the IMEI code as some may refer to it, consists of 15 numbers connected in a string. Strangely enough, these 15 numbers can give one a lot of information about the mobile phone device they belong to.

There are special tools that can offer you to discover all sorts of details about your handset using the IMEI code only.

Anyhow, the IMEI number must be obtained and written down correctly because you will need it badly at one point of the unlocking procedure only.

To get the IMEI of your AT&T iPhone 5 the easiest and most simple way is to dial *#60#. Of course you can always check the backside of the battery, or the settings menu of your AT&T iPhone 5, but to be honest that will be much more complicated than just dialing those few symbols. Other than the IMEI code you will need nothing more to unlock the iPhone 5 you own. The unlocking procedure will start even if you leave those fields empty.


All you have to do, to be able to correctly use the free Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool is read the few instructions that come with the tool. If you want to be prepared in advance and if you want to know what to expect of the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool, here are the

Full Instructions How To Use Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Tool

  1. Click on the downloading command to start obtaining the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool on your computer, laptop or tablet. Have in mind that the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool can function perfectly well on all computer devices no matter what operating system they use:
  2. Install and open the free SIM unlocking tool.
  3. Connect your iPhone 5/ iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on your computer using the original USB cable.
  4. The Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool will immediately start processing. The device that was connected to the PC and after it recognizes your iPhone 5 mobile phone device. Start filling in the empty fields. This is when you need to pull out that piece of paper. Paper where you jotted the IMEI number of your iPhone 5 device and enter it carefully. Also, if it isn’t too much trouble you can enter the carrier and the country in this step of the process.
  5. When you are sure you got everything right hit the “IMEI unlock iPhone 5”. The tool will start processing the IMEI. With the information, it will extract from this code. The tool will get the unlock code or the unlock key.

Final Solution

  1. The unlock key is obtained from the carrier’s database. The Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 software application tool will start applying it on your iPhone 5. That is why you must keep your up 5 plugged to the computer. Plug it at all times during the unlock process. You can still use your iPhone 5 regularly. Just don’t unplug it. Otherwise, you shall have to commence the SIM unlocking operation all over again.
  2. As soon as you receive this piece of information you can start enjoying the benefits of an unlocked iPhone mobile phone device. You can insert a different SIM card and switch to the network services of an entirely different mobile phone provided in and even out of your country of residence.

Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Tool Supported Models

  • AT&T iPhone 5
  • Unlock AT&T iPhone 5s
  • Unlock AT&T iPhone 5c

The SIM unlock operation with the help of this tool is a real pleasure. With the Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about anything.

As long as you enter the IMEI correctly, which is as little as you can be asked to do. You can sit back and wait for the unlocking to be completed and finished.

Thanks to the free Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool you can now have the cheapest phone calls and texts in your country. You can use the best services in the state and save some money on top of that.

You can also have you’re iPhone 5 rebooted for free! Use the newest feature “REBOOT iPhone 5” inserted in the menu. Menu of the most amazing tool in the world for removing the SIM lock of all iPhone 5 devices. The Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Software Application Tool.

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