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How To Unlock AT&T iPhone For Free With The Identity Number

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Here you can find the best way to complete the free IMEI unlock AT&T iPhone procedure whit our latest software for unlocking AT&T iPhones. If you take your smartphone to a store that specializes in unlocking iPhones two things can happen: you can have your phone unlocked or your phone will stay locked and you will lose the warranty.

The question here is- How ready are you to gamble with your AT&T iPhone mobile device? The success rate of the stores that offer unlocking services is not always at an impressive level, so before you commit to any unlocking service pay attention to what is written in this article.

Unlock ATT iPhone

About Unlock AT&T iPhone Service

These services use old IMEI numbers of already unlocked iPhones. Some of the IMEI-s belongs to iPhone mobile devices that are blacklisted (reported as lost or stolen). If in your case luck is not on your side and this is the outcome of your unlocking attempt, you will leave the store completely empty-handed. So, to answer the previous question, it is not wise to gamble about this at all.

There are many other ways and options on how to deal with this frustrating issue. If the store agrees with you they can give you the IMEI for you to check online if it is blacklisted or not. There are multiple web sites where you can confirm or dismiss the eligibility of the IMEI the unlocking service is attempting to use on your device.

Even if the IMEI is white-listed and everything is ok with it, it still may not work. In the end, it all depends on the carrier. Some IMEI numbers are more compatible with certain carriers and less with others. So it looks like you’re stuck in the mud. To avoid these unpleasantries and make sure that the unlocking will be 100% successful you should check a few things first.

What You Must Know To Unlock AT&T iPhone

Check if your device is a CDMA or GSM. The chances are that your phone is a GSM phone as are most phones these days. CDMA phones include phones locked on Sprint or AT&T iPhone mobile networks. So if you can’t unlock your phone in Spring or AT&T, you may want to try a SIM card from a different mobile network. GSM networks have specific SIM cards some of which are micro or nano and it is not a rarity that many of the SIM cards of GSM networks are already unlocked.

However, if you unlock an iPhone you bought from, let’s say, Sprint and AT&T it using this method, you won’t be able to use it on Sprint again with a SIM-only-contract. You will have to choose another mobile service provider, which is not necessarily that bad. Sometimes all you have to do in a phone is to change a setting, or to be more precise, to deactivate the CDMA and activate the GSM network option.

There are testimonials of many users who thought their phones were locked but the trick was only in this simple switch of settings. So, I would recommend that you check your settings, especially if you own an iPhone mobile phone, before going through with unlocking procedures.

Unlock It Now

There are occasions when you buy your mobile device from a previous owner and the phone is still under the contract that makes it locked. You can solve this by calling the service provider and asking for the phone to be unlocked. The companies won’t mind unlocking your phone is the agreement is drawing to an end. You will never know until you call their Customer Care and ask.

In some other instances, your phone may be hybrid CDMA/ GSM and every attempt to unlock it seems utterly hopeless. However, don’t despair.

Unlocking Guide Steps

There is still hope even in desperate situations like that. There are plenty of unlocking providers who can work their charm on any phone. Still, in this particular case, you may not be able to use mobile services from the domestic carriers of the country. I would recommend this solution for people who want to sell their phones. If you unlock your hybrid GSM/ CDMA it may not function in the USA but it will work brilliantly overseas.

You can sell your phone to your friends who live or work abroad or you can put it up for sale on eBay and make some extra money. And there’s another amazing thing about this situation. Always remember that never- locked or unlocked phones are sold for much bigger prices, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I am not saying that this is a brilliant solution. It is always better to unlock your device and use it in your country of residence.

However the issue with blacklisted IMEI numbers has never been a piece of cake, so for the time being, this would be the best solution for you. On the other hand, even if the IMEI number on your phone is blacklisted that sometimes is just a coincidence. It doesn’t always imply that you use a stolen or lost mobile phone. You just bought it from the store a few months ago, right?

If you don’t want to go into the trouble of unlocking and figuring where to sell your phone, it is always best to inform yourself first. Ask the IMEI supplier any question about the IMEI code they are trying to unlock. Also, never forget to inform yourselves about any additional charges that may occur in the process.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone Any Model

On this page, you are about to solve the unlock AT&T iPhone problem very fast and easy whit our latest software available for free downloading on this page bellow. This is a new method to unlock your AT&T iPhone only whit your computer and our unlock iPhone software.

All you need to do is to download the unlock AT&T software on your computer and to follow the step by step guide from this page. Below you will find all information on how to complete the unlock AT&T iPhone whit some mouse clicks. Our unlock AT&T tool can generate the unlock AT&T code for your locked iPhone device.

The tool will put auto this code in your iPhone device and you will unlock it very easy. Don’t waste time anymore. Whit some other internet sites also. You will make payment for this problem now when you have the right solution for free. Start downloading this software on your computer whit double click on the download button below:

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone Step By Step Guide

  1. This tool you will find as a result of a search on Google.
  2. Then open the file and connect your AT&T locked iPhone whit your PC via USB cable
  3. Also fill in your iPhone information ( IMEI number, iPhone model)
  4. Then click on the Unlock button
  5. Finally, your iPhone device is now unlocked

To use our unlock AT&T iPhone software you must know your locked iPhone IMEI number and model. The software solution service works on any iPhone model or iOS version.

Unlock AT&T iPhone Software Works On

So now it is very easy to unlock any AT&T iPhone device whit this great unlock software for free.

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