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How To Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 4 By IMEI Generator

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This post will help you learn how to unlock blacklisted iPhone 4 for free thanks to unlocking the blacklisted iPhone 4 tool available for free downloading bellow in this article. There is no need to wait for a miracle to happen so you can use your SIM card locked iPhone 4 mobile phone devices.

The tool you need will be just down this page so after you read this article make sure you hit the downloading link and equip yourself with everything needed to delete the limitations that your locked iPhone 4 device has.

Why Are Some iPhone 4 Devices Locked

The lock issue is rather lengthy but I will try to explain it to you in a few words. The SIM card lock, or as some may refer to it, a network lock, is a software program built-in your iPhone device.

This lock software program is sometimes activated by the carriers, in which case you end up with a SIM card locked iPhone device, and sometimes the carriers let it deactivated, in which case you face no restrictions about what mobile phone services to use. So, the carriers activate and can easily deactivate this limitation lock as they please. So they only need to type in a few commands and the lock is on before they sold the iPhone 4 to you.

They pretty much do the same thing when it comes to unlocking your cell phone device as well. They let some gadgets unlocked because users decide to purchase the gadget only, without committing to being a faithful customer to the carrier’s service. In the other case of course, when you commit to these mobile phone services for a year or two, you get a discount on the iPhone mobile phone device and a SIM card lock to go with it. If you feel sick and tired of the SIM lock just go to the carrier’s and ask them to remove the lock.

Unlock iPhone 4s Free

Some carriers have special fees for instances like this and it is not all that bad. If you insist to remove the lock of your iPhone 4 device, you will have it done in a minute for a price ranging from 20 to 100 USD. But, what happens when you are not the first owner of that marvelous iPhone 4 handset?

Can you still go down to the carrier’s premises and make this inquiry? You are not the legitimate holder of the device and the carrier doesn’t have the right to disclose such vital information, as the SIM card unlock iPhone 4 code with you. the matters may get even worse when the iPhone 4 you bought was Blacklisted and someone had already reported it.

Whatever you felt when you realized that the iPhone 4 or even the iPhone 4s you held was a Blacklisted one, forget about it. The iPhone 4 Software Tool for Blacklisted Apple handsets is here to land a helping hand. You don’t have to have guilty consciousness or to keep your Blacklisted iPhone 4 hidden from the rest of the world. It can happen to any other person to purchase illegitimately obtained electronic devices, totally unaware of it. But now that you have it in your possession why don’t you make the best of it.

You probably felt disappointed the first time you browsed the internet for an appropriate solution as many of those turned out to be scams.

Assets And Liabilities Of unlocking A Blacklisted iPhone 4

The assets and positive sides of an unlocked Blacklisted iPhone 4 device are plenty. You can choose from all the network providers in and outside your country and use any mobile phone plane that seems most appealing at any time.

Not to mention the advantage of an unlocked Blacklisted iPhone 4 device when it comes to traveling and visiting foreign countries. The locked Apple handset will only be a hindrance in a situation like that because all you will have to worry about will be the roaming fees and over-expensive mobile phone service. All that will change in a flash when you unlock the Blacklisted iPhone 4 you own. You can buy and insert any pay-as-you-go SIM card from the carriers in that country and never even think of the roaming.

As for the liabilities of unlocking a Blacklisted iPhone 4 device, I can’t think of any. The rules of unlocking are very easy to keep up with. You can always count on the support service of the tool. It is available for the users of the iPhone 4 Software Tool. For Blacklisted Apple handsets at all times.

How to use the iPhone 4 Software Tool for Blacklisted Apple handsets

To answer that question which probably came across your mind more than once. I will simply give you the instructions that come along the iPhone 4 Software Tool for Blacklisted Apple handsets.

Full Instructions Of How To Correctly Use The iPhone 4 Software Tool for Blacklisted Apple Handsets

  • This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  • The installation process should follow right after the downloading is finished. After the successful installation. You shall be required to open the tool by clicking on the file.
  • Once you open the tool. You should connect your Blacklisted iPhone 4 handset to the computer. Best by using the USB cable.
  • The unlock code will not start processing. Unless you provide a few vital information on the opening page. The iPhone 4 Software Tool for Blacklisted Apple handsets. If you know the one you will also know the other. Next, you must enter the IMEI number of your Blacklisted iPhone 4. The IMEI is a long code. The unlocking would fail for many reasons. When entering the IMEI you need to be highly aware of every digit you enter. One wrong press may produce a completely wrong unlock code.
  • To be able to do that you should turn off your iPhone 4 first. In other words, put in a SIM card from a different carrier. Turn on the Blacklisted IMEI unlock iPhone again and when the device requests it enter the code. Sometimes entering the letters of the code can be difficult. When it comes to that just use the * and # symbols. You will enter any letter of the alphabet you wish just fine.
  • Click submit and that is it! The unlocking is finally done and you don’t have to worry about that Blacklisted iPhone 4 anymore.


Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 4 Tool Works On

  • 3GS
  • 4
  • 4s

After you have unlocked the Blacklisted iPhone 4 device. You can feel free to use all Apple apps as any other user. You don’t have to avoid iTunes thinking that the lock will reappear.

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